Milestii Mici Wine Run

February 3, 2020

Currently available: 900 MDL+  Visit their site to learn more

February 9, 2020. What a unique race! The Milestii Mici Wine Run is a 10K race through a large underground cave network that houses the biggest wine collection in the world (nearly 2 million bottles!), the Milestii Mici Winery located in the Republic of Moldova. In case you’re not up on your geography (yes, we had to look it up too!), Moldova is an Eastern European country and former Soviet republic between Ukraine and Romania. The Wine Run takes runners through the wine cellar at a depth of up to 100 meters and requires participants to wear a respiratory mask at times due to the sections of the race where there is a lot of dust and insufficient air circulation. Learn more about Moldova along the course thanks to rest stops with traditional food, drinks and music. Celebrate with a glass of wine at the finish line at the Milestii Mici Wine Run!