Smith Rock Climbing and Yoga with Outward Bound

March 5, 2019

Currently available: $1400+  Visit their site to learn more

Coming March 24, 2019. Rock pose and rock climbing! Join Outward Bound for their Smith Rock Climbing and Yoga, a six-day course just for women. Identified as the birthplace of sport climbing and one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon, this central Oregon location offers a stunning setting with sheer cliffs and spires of tuff and basalt and the Crooked River snaking its way through the canyon. Daily yoga sessions start the day off, followed by individual instruction on rock climbing from basic equipment to rope management to belaying and rappelling techniques. No need to bring any equipment or camping gear, as this is all provided. As with all Outward Bound courses, their mission is to change lives through challenge and discovery by learning leadership, character development, and service skills. For an introduction to the sport and more, check out the Smith Rock Climbing and Yoga with Outward Bound.