Remodeez Deodorizers

March 5, 2019

Currently available: $9.99+  Visit their site to learn more

Handy little packets for removing funky smells! The folks at Remodeez have a solution to take care of the stinkiness that comes with being active. The key is activated charcoal derived from coconut husks. This has a double whammy action by removing the moisture that harbors the bacteria and fungus causing the odors as well as capturing the organic compounds that we perceive as odor. So this nontoxic, nonchemical solution actually removes the bad smells, and they works amazingly well without leaving any fake fragrances! Plus they’re reusable and last up to a year. If you find the little packets are losing their effectiveness, placing them in the sun for a few hours should do the trick to recharge them. Whether it’s your shoes, gloves, gym bag, ski boots, helmet, car, locker, or closet, Remodeez naturally outsmarts the smell!