Ekster Senate + Tracker

March 4, 2019

Currently available: $109  Visit their site to learn more

PROMO CODE ALERT…A smart wallet for smart people! The folks at Ekster have designed the Senate wallet to replace that bulky wallet that we all carry around. This minimalist, classy, leather wallet holds 4-6 cards, such as credit cards, ID, and an insurance card, in a super compact package – only 0.33 inches deep by 4.1 inches tall by 2.4 inches wide. Yes, it’s small enough that it can fit discretely in those small pockets we have in our yoga pants and bike tops, allowing us to have all the essential cards and cash that we need without having a giant bulge. One of the clever features of this wallet is the special card slider system that pops your cards out in an easily accessible tiered way at the push of a button. Another smart feature is that they have incorporated RFID/NFC blocking in the body of the wallet to safeguard your valuable information. It also comes with a removable leather pocket that attaches to the wallet with an elastic band, so that you can carry an additional card or cash, plus just an elastic band without the pocket. You have the option to get a solar powered tracking card that uses TrackR technology, a Bluetooth-Crowd GPS Network, that enables you to always find your wallet. With the help of the free app, if you are within Bluetooth range (50-100 feet), your card/wallet will beep. Once you are outside of this range, the “crowd-tracking” kicks in. This means that if someone else with the TrackR app installed on their phone walks by your device, it will securely (and privately) send you an update as to the exact location of your tracker. How smart is that! To top everything off, just for lucky TrailblazerGirl readers, our friends at Ekster are offering a very generous 40% off any Ekster product with the discount code: TBG40-EKSTER. This 40% discount code will be valid through April 30, 2019. A fantastic gift for you and/or your friends!