Glasgow-Edinburgh Ultramarathon

March 27, 2018

Currently available: £47.00  Visit their site to learn more

Coming March 31, 2018. A race taking you from Scotland’s largest city to Scotland’s capital. It’s the Glasgow-Edinburgh Ultramarathon! Clocking in at about 54 miles long, this race is a scenic, mostly flat one, taking your from exciting Glasgow filled with museums, interesting shops, delicious restaurants, and a thriving music and nightlife scene to Edinburgh with its UNESCO World Heritage Site designated Old Town and historic castle. The Forth and Clyde rivers and the Union canals will be your guide as you travel along the towpaths through the Scottish lowlands. Expect checkpoints approximately every 10 miles with water, electrolyte drinks and snacks. Destination running at its best with the 10th annual Glasgow-Edinburgh Ultramarathon!