Catalyst Waterproof Case

March 27, 2018

Currently available: $69.99  Visit their site to learn more

The case that allows you to do your TrailblazerGirl thing without a worry for your phone! Our friends at Catalyst have created a waterproof case that they call the most protective case in the world. We call it essential. It is waterproof up to 16.4 feet, so take it to the beach, jump in the water and snap pictures to your heart’s content because all of your phone’s functions are well…functional! The touch ID home button, all your apps, all the buttons work without a hitch, and their patented rotating crown dial allows you to switch the mute on and off. Which leads us to the sound quality. Take phone calls, listen to music, or use Siri without any distortion or degradation in quality thanks to their True Sound Acoustics technology. The case comes with a convenient lanyard, a slim, non-bulky design, and soft-touch rubber bumpers for a non-slip, comfortable hold, but if you do happen to drop your phone, it’s protected for drops up to 6.6 feet! Yep, we agree, Catalyst designs the most protective, and we must add, TrailblazerGirl-friendly, phone cases in the world!