Keely’s Ski Camp: Iceland Ski & Sail Backcountry Camp for Women

January 17, 2018

Currently available: $4,600  Visit their site to learn more

Coming May 14, 2018. Spring skiing and sailing in Iceland! The folks at Keely’s Ski Camp have coordinated this amazing combination for a lucky group of women. It’s a 6-day excursion with backcountry skiing in the remote West Fjords region of Iceland with accommodations onboard the expedition yacht, the Aurora which will be anchored in a different harbor each night. With the long arctic daylight hours, expect 6-8 hours of guided skiing per day, though there will always be the option to cut the day short and hang out on the anchored, movable ‘backcountry hut’. There are only 3 spots left on this adventure travel tour, so hurry and check them out!