BuckWHAT! Noshes and Nosh Bars

January 16, 2018

Currently available: $3.75+  Visit their site to learn more

A new kind of gluten free snack made with buckwheat…they’re called BuckWHAT! Noshes and Nosh Bars! Don’t be fooled by the name, there is no wheat in buckwheat, so it’s completely free of any gluten. Buckwheat is not a grain but actually a seed that is rich in protein and insoluble and resistant fiber, which helps to lower blood sugar levels. It also contains essential nutrients like┬ámanganese, magnesium, copper, and B vitamins. The Noshes and Nosh Bars are yummy, super filling snacks without any added sweeteners that will give you plenty of energy for all your TrailblazerGirl activities. The organic ingredients are limited, only 5-7, and carefully selected to provide you with just the healthy stuff that your body needs, so nosh away on the delicious BuckWHAT! Noshes and Nosh Bars!