World Championship Outhouse Races

September 18, 2017

Currently available: $60  Visit their site to learn more

Coming October 7, 2017. Don’t put up a stink…it’s the World Championship Outhouse Races! Yes, in Virginia City, Nevada, outhouses on wheels compete to win bragging rights as the fastest, fully functional outhouse complete with a toilet seat and roll of toilet paper. In the early 1990s, the state legislature voted to ban outhouses and to protest, the townspeople took to the streets with their outhouses. Now, it’s just a fun event where teams of 3 people, one sitting inside on the throne and the other 2 pushing or pulling the mobile, non motorized latrine, race to the toilet-paper-adorned-finish-line. Clever past names include The Party Poopers, The Urinator (noting “I’ll Pee Back” on one of its walls), Flapper Crapper, and Storm Poopers.