Fenway Park Marathon

July 20, 2017

Currently available: Fundraising  Visit their site to learn more

Coming September 15, 2017. Here’s something for the bucket list of those Red Sox fans… the inaugural Fenway Park Marathon! Yes, a marathon held completely within this world famous Major League Baseball ballpark. How is that possible? Well, 50 lucky runners will get the chance to run 112 times along the warning track of the oldest ballpark in America (yes, they’ve measured it and that will make 26.2 miles!). Not to worry though, the laps will be counted electronically so you won’t have to keep track of them, and you’ll be entertained by Boston Marathon highlights on the Fenway big screen, updates on the Red Sox vs Tampa Bay game that will be played at the same time in Florida, maybe a movie, and plenty of cheering fans in the stadium. Fundraising for this event benefits the Red Sox Foundation, which is the official team charity of the Boston Red Sox and makes a difference in the lives of children, veterans, families and communities throughout New England by improving their health, educational and recreational opportunities. Fenway Park Marathon is the first ever marathon run totally within a pro sports stadium!