Baffin Island: Polar Bears and Glaciers with AdventureWomen

March 22, 2017

Currently available: $9,595  Visit their site to learn more

Coming August 14, 2017. Here’s one for the bucket list. Join AdventureWomen for their Baffin Island: Polar Bears and Glaciers tour. Baffin Island, the largest island in Canada, is located in the far northern territory of Nunavut and is home to polar bears, caribou, Arctic fox, Arctic hare, Arctic wolf and bowhead whale. The 7-day itinerary includes day trips to Akshakyuk Pass, hiking the North Pangnirtung Fiord, a boat trip to the Penny Ice Cap Glacier, fishing for Arctic char, and kayaking among the icebergs and bowhead whales. Accommodations will be in specially-designed yurt-style structures with double walls to ensure warmth and comfort. With long days, stunning Arctic beauty, and of course, polar bears, this AdventureWomen tour promises to be an adventure of a lifetime!