Riverdance Soapworks

March 21, 2017

Currently available: Varies  Visit their site to learn more

Your multipurpose outdoor body care solution! Our friends at Riverdance Soapworks have some fantastic products that are hand crafted in Washington State that will be your one stop answer when you’re doing your TrailblazerGirl thing. When hiking, The Other Walking Stick will serve as your insect repellent and antibacterial and deodorant and moisturizer and more. It comes in a convenient lotion stick (great for travel) and a refreshing spritzer. When camping, be sure to grab The Woodsman All-in-One to take care of your hair and your body and your shaving needs and keep you smelling fresh. For your daily face care routine, the Complexion Bar with activated charcoal, Dead Sea mineral mud, green Clay, and Neem oil will be your go-to for cleansing and repairing and moisturizing and toning. Look to the Healing Therapy Body Butter for treating burns and rashes and bug bites and cuts and dry skin. Wow, so many uses for the Riverdance Soapworks products!