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HappyFest Obstacle Course and Festival

May 17, 2016

Currently available: $49  Visit their site to learn more

Coming May 21, 2016. You gotta smile with a name like this…HappyFest Obstacle Course and Festival in Englishtown, New Jersey! Not your typical hard-core obstacle race, HappyFest is designed to be all inclusive for people of all fitness levels and ages, and the course is also wheelchair accessible. This is a fun, non-timed event that is a little more than a mile long with obstacles like rope climbs, walls and hurdles (and inclusive alternatives for those with disabilities or those wishing a different challenge). Post-race activities include live music, food and games. So come on and get happy at HappyFest!

UPDATE: For a limited time only, use promo code HAPPY for $20 off your registration. See their Facebook page for more details.