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September 19, 2014

Currently available: $119  Visit their site to learn more

Coming September 20 (Virginia), and October 4 (California), 2014. You’ve heard of Cinderella…well, now there’s Mudderella! This is no Disney Princess, this is a fun and challenging event for us girls (and boys, if invited by a girl!) that has 12-15 obstacles over a course of 5-7 miles and as the name implies, mud! With obstacles with great names like Skinny Jeans (crawling through narrow tunnels), I Got Your Back (getting and giving a piggyback ride), Ground Hog Day (climbing through underground muddy tunnels), and Break the Glass Ceiling (crawling under netting to make it up a hill), you are sure to have fun. As they say, “Own Your Strong. Leave everything else in the mud.”