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Color Fun Fest 5K

September 9, 2014

Currently available: $25+  Visit their site to learn more

Various dates and location throughout 2014. A colorful day AND night event! The Color Fun Fest 5K is an either a daytime event filled with bright colors or an evening of blacklights and glowing colors. Expect 5 color stations along the 5K route with thousands of pounds of color showering runners and music blasting all along the way to maintain the party atmosphere. No matter whether you choose to run during the day or night (or do both!), the race will end with a huge finish-line festival with music, color, food, drinks, vendors, and lots of celebration. A special shout out to the Color Fun Fest in Houston on November 1st. It’s the day after Halloween, so there’ll be some Halloween themed attractions, and it’s another chance to wear that great Halloween costume you got this year!