Aurora Games

April 15, 2019

Coming August 20, 2019. The Roman goddess of the dawn, Aurora, would be so honored to have this first-of-its-kind event named after her. It’s the inaugural Aurora Games, a festival involving the top international women athletes competing in basketball, tennis, figure skating, gymnastics, ice hockey, and beach volleyball. Scheduled to occur every 2 years, this six-day event […]

GYST SG4-16 Sunglasses

July 11, 2018

PROMO CODE ALERT! Shades for the TrailblazerGirl athlete! GYST, the acronym stands for “get your self (or stuff) together”, is 100% American owned and produces some pretty awesome multisport sunglasses as well as some interesting transition bags that we’ll share with you in another review. We tested the SG4-16 sunnies, and we’re impressed. Runners will especially appreciate the […]

Watch the 2018 Winter Olympics

February 9, 2018

Do you have Olympic fever? It’s the 23rd Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, in the Republic of Korea. PyeongChang is due east of Seoul in the Gangwon Province and is a popular vacation spot for South Koreans. A few of the events (curling, biathlon, luge, ski jumping, and alpine skiing) have started already, and the extravagant […]


October 11, 2017

You gotta get it! The “it” is the itBandz, a special type of knee brace that is endorsed by physical therapists. We’ve all been there, running along happily, then boom, a funny (actually, more like not-so-funny) twist results in a shot of pain in the knee. Well, itBandz is a great solution to painful or […]

VKTRY Insoles

February 14, 2017

Not just any insole. These are Performance Insoles! VKTRY Insoles are designed for athletes to optimize their performance during competitions and training. Their inception traces back to the US Olympic Bobsled Team to help them deliver speedy starts. Here’s how it works: a proprietary algorithm is used to determine the best flexibility level of the insole for […]

2017 Empire State Winter Games

January 27, 2017

Coming February 2, 2017. Bigger and better! Since we reported on the Empire State Winter Games last year, it has grown from 19 winter sports to an impressive 31 events! Over 2,000 athletes are expected to participate in this community-driven, regional event held at notable venues such as the Lake Placid Olympic Center and Whiteface and TitusMountains. Watch popular sports […]


September 2, 2016

Up your game with PIQ! PIQ is a motion tracker that can be paired with apps and accessories to provide you with valuable data whether you enjoy skiing, golf, tennis, or kiteboarding. The sensor has the technology to measure and make sense of motions, movements, and shocks. With the corresponding app, it will breakdown your sports session […]

Rio Olympic Games 2016

August 17, 2016

What’s almost as good as the five Olympic rings? One big wedding ring! So far the Rio Olympic Games have been filled with awe-inspiring athleticism, amazing wins, disappointing defeats, and even some surprise marriage proposals! With only 5 days left, you still have time to catch events and medal events in Athletics (i.e. hurdles, decathlon, shot put, […]

Watch the Rio Olympic Games 2016

August 5, 2016

The opening ceremonies are tonight, but the US women’s football (aka soccer to us Americans) team is already off to a great start with their 2-0 win over New Zealand. It’s the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and this is the first time in the event’s 120-year history that the games […]

GoPro Mountain Games

April 27, 2016

Coming June 9, 2016. It’s known as the country’s largest celebration of adventure sports, art, music, and the mountain lifestyle. It’s the GoPro Mountain Games held in Vail, Colorado! Experience 4 days of competitions, concerts, film festivals, interactive exhibitions, and outdoor fun. Pros and amateurs participate in events including steep, freestyle, sprint and full contact kayaking, […]

Empire State Winter Games

January 22, 2016

Coming February 4, 2016. Let the games begin! It’s the Empire State Winter Games, now in it’s 36th year, and there will be 19 winter sports for athletes of all levels to compete in. This regional competition includes ski orienteering, biathlon, skeleton, luge, ski jumping, snowshoe, and adaptive events to name a few. Sport venues […]

Kabana Bali Bloc

October 13, 2015

Smells good enough to eat! The Bali Bloc from our friends at Kabana is a yummy, cocoa-coconut smelling sunscreen stick. Made from just four ingredients: zinc oxide, certified organic extra virgin coconut oil, certified organic cocoa powder, and certified organic beeswax, this is a fantastic sunscreen for us TrailblazerGirl since it’s very water resistant and […]

EltaMD UV Sport Sunscreen

June 15, 2015

Made with the TrailblazerGirl in mind! The UV Sport Sunscreen by our friends at EltaMD provides the skin protection you need as an active TrailblazerGirl. It’s a broad-spectrum, zinc oxide based lotion with SPF50 that will not rinse off in water and best of all, will not drip into your eyes and sting them! Perfect […]

ArcticBlu Cooling Towel

June 3, 2015

Oh, so refreshing! What’s better than a cool towel on a hot day? One that stays cool for hours! You can have this with the Cooling Towel from our friends at ArcticBlu. Soft and smooth on one side and waffly on the other, it’s big enough to fit around your neck or shoulders providing welcome […]

FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015

May 11, 2015

Coming June 6 through July 5, 2015. Goal! Watch the excitement of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Of particular note, FIFA, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, the premier soccer (or football to most of the world!) organization started the Women’s World Cup in 1991 (61 years after the Men’s World Cup…better late than […]


May 7, 2015

Stink be gone! ODOR-AID Green is your new “magic wand” to get rid of foul smelling odors. This special product is free of harsh chemicals and actually uses non-pathogenic bacteria to eliminate the causes of funky smells. It comes in a convenient non-aerosol bottle, and you can use it on clothing, sports equipment, tents, carpets, […]

Odor Gladiator

April 8, 2015

Want a gladiator ready to fight for you? An Odor Gladiator ready to fight odors for you, that is! Don’t be fooled by this cute contraption about the size of a softball. Inside the Odor Gladiator is a replaceable container with a pleasant scent powerful enough to neutralize stinky smells for up to 120 days. […]

Silver Edge Gear NSZ Sport Bag

April 2, 2015

Silver will be your new best friend…as long as it’s the Silver Edge Gear NSZ Sport Bag. This amazing invention has a patent-pending silver lining (yes, figuratively and literally!) that traps odors inside this zippered, waterproof bag. Apparently, silver prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria (who knew!), and Silver Edge Gear figured out a way […]

Stinkbug Naturals Deodorant Bar

March 30, 2015

Smell good naturally! Stinkbug Naturals grew out of a mom-to-be’s desire to find a deodorant that would not subject her baby to harsh chemicals. Made out of organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, non-GMO cornstarch, baking soda, organic tea tree oil, and organic essential oils like lavender, tangerine, clove, and patchouli. Choose from unscented, lavender, floral […]

Rhino Laces

February 26, 2015

Unbreakable laces! Yes, UNBREAKABLE! Rhino Laces are guaranteed to last for life or they will replace them for free. Made out a special material that cannot be burned, cut, sawed, worn down, chopped, destroyed or broken, these laces are incredible on all your shoes and boots for your TrailblazerGirl adventures. Choose from 5 colors, 2 of […]

Travel Pick’s Aqua Dry Bag

February 12, 2015

TrailblazerGirls, you need this bag! The Aqua Dry bag from our friends at Travel Pick is a unique four-in-one bag that keeps your dry clothes dry and your wet clothes away from your dry clothes and other valuables. Here’s the scoop on the 4 bags: 1. front mesh pocket for sunscreen, dry clothes, water bottle, […]

Training Mask 2.0

October 23, 2014

OK, you may look a little scary with this on, but it’s actually a very innovative tool for taking athletes to the next level. The Training Mask 2.0 is an air tight silicone piece that covers your nose and mouth and is held on with a comfortable neoprene strap. There are 3 “resistance caps” that […]

Green Apple Double Strap Support Bra

August 6, 2014

Pretty AND functional! The Green Apple Double Strap Support Bra has a cute style with its contrasting binding, mesh insert scoop neckline, and interesting back strap design. This bra is super soft and comfortable and provides excellent support even during our most strenuous TrailblazerGirl activities. We also like how our friends at Green Apple are […]

2014 FIFA World Cup

June 10, 2014

Coming June 12 – July 13, 2014. Jogar futebol! Or “Play soccer!” in this year’s FIFA World Cup host country’s official language. With a record five World Cup titles to its name and the distinction of being the only country to have played in all 19 previous editions of the tournament, Brazil is definitely a […]