October 11, 2017

Currently available: $19.95  Visit their site to learn more

You gotta get it! The “it” is the itBandz, a special type of knee brace that is endorsed by physical therapists. We’ve all been there, running along happily, then boom, a funny (actually, more like not-so-funny) twist results in a shot of pain in the knee. Well, itBandz is a great solution to painful or weak knees. Thanks to the bump in the band, an internal support piece that fits just under your patella, your patella is gently lifted and the bump acts as an extra shock absorber for your knee. The┬ábands are made out of a non-slip neoprene material, and a velcro strap allows for easy adjustment. If you’re wearing leggings, just secure the itBandz on the outside of your leggings, and if you’re wearing street clothes, the itBandz fits discretely underneath for added support and stabilization. For a non-bulky yet super supportive and comfortable knee brace, check out itBandz!