Silver Edge Gear NSZ Sport Bag

April 2, 2015

Currently available: $39.99  Visit their site to learn more

Silver will be your new best friend…as long as it’s the Silver Edge Gear NSZ Sport Bag. This amazing invention has a patent-pending silver lining (yes, figuratively and literally!) that traps odors inside this zippered, waterproof bag. Apparently, silver prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria (who knew!), and Silver Edge Gear figured out a way to fully encapsulate nylon fibers with silver to create the material for this bag so the silver won’t wash or wear off. Throw your stinky gym clothes or sports gear in the bag and no more stench! To top it off, once you remove the clothes from the bag, the bag doesn’t smell (it can be machine washed though if it gets dirty). Next time you’re competing in a triathlon, camping in the high country, traveling, or anytime you’ll have ripe-smelling, sweaty clothes, remember your NSZ Sport Bag!