Z Wraps

July 2, 2020

A sustainable alternative to plastic wrap that is also beautiful! Our friends at Z Wraps found a way to protect your food as well as the environment. With Z Wraps, there’s no reason add to landfills with single use plastic wrap! Available in a variety of fun prints like Painted Poppies, Bees Love These, and […]

Firebuggz Flipp Stikk

June 26, 2020

Avoid disappointment on your next camping trip when it comes time to roast those marshmallows! How sad is it when your perfectly roasted marshmallow slips off the stick, just as you’re about to create that yummy s’more? The folks at Firebuggz created the Flipp Stikk to help solve this problem. A two-pronged approach helps to […]

Zojirushi Flip and Go Stainless Mug

June 25, 2020

Hot or cold, this one will do the trick! The Flip and Go Stainless Mug from our friends at Zojirushi will take care of all your hydration needs. The vacuum insulated stainless steel design will keep colds cold and refreshing for 6 hours (though we found that ice cubes stayed solid even longer under PNW […]

Takenaka Expanded Double Bento Box

May 21, 2020

Such a cute little box and so practical! The Expanded Double Bento Box from the folks at Takenaka is just what you need to elevate your meal on your next camping trip or bring some joy to your everyday (home) office lunch. Made in Japan by a company that has been producing these beautiful, traditional […]

AVANA Sedona

April 21, 2020

Give the gift of clean water. One in ten people around the world don’t have access to safe drinking water, and our friends at AVANA are doing something about this staggering number. With the purchase of every bottle, AVANA donates a portion of all sales to a fund that sponsors nonprofit water projects in developing villages and communities. […]

The Comfy Lite

April 7, 2020

Stuck at home? It’s not so bad when you have The Comfy Lite! As you are sitting in your home office, slip the Comfy on and revel in its warmth. Designed out of a fleece microfiber, it’s like a cuddly, soft blanket with arms and a giant hood. It hits just below the knees, so […]

Luminiser Lantern

March 24, 2020

Light your world completely differently with the Luminiser Lantern! Not just any lantern, one that uses thermoelectricity to generate a light, making it the world’s first LED oil lantern. Using a patented technology, Luminiser transforms the heat energy generated by a flame into a flashlight or reading light. No batteries. No power cords. No solar […]

nCamp Multi-fuel Camping Stove Plus

March 19, 2020

A stove without the bulk! And it’s not just any stove, it’s the nCamp Multi-fuel Camping Stove Plus. Yes, multi-fuel, so you can use it with a variety of fuel sources: wood, gas, solid, and liquid fuels. Made out of aluminum and stainless steel, it’s super compact, folding flat to about the size of a […]

GoSili Reusable Food Bags

February 25, 2020

Be eco-friendly with the GoSili Reusable Food Bags. No more disposable, one-time-use bags that add to our landfills or plastic containers that can leach toxic materials into our food, these bags are designed out of 100% food grade silicone, an inert substance that is safe and non-toxic. These sturdy bags will last a long time […]

Bear Minimum Bear Bowls

February 6, 2020

Got a pocket? Then you have room for a pot! What?! Well, not just any pot, it must be a Bear Bowl from our friends at Bear Minimum! This super clever idea will be an essential item in your backpacking and camping kit. The unique design consists of an aluminum baseplate, food grade PTFE coated fiberglass […]

Bison Gears Kiridashi Pocket Knife

February 5, 2020

The folks at Bison Gears have been busy following their popular Bison Rolling Grill (the top item in TrailblazerGirl’s 2019 Camping category). They have completed another successful Kickstarter campaign and funded the Kiridashi Pocket Knife. This handy little knife was inspired by the traditional Japanese design of an all-purpose blade that is compact, rugged, and produces extremely fine […]

Top Camp of 2019

December 6, 2019

And the winner is… it’s the end of the year, and we’ve just finished counting all of your Facebook likes (and shares) for our 2019 reviews in the Camp category. And the item that came out on top was… drum role please… the lightweight Bison Rolling Grill that turns your camping trip into a backyard BBQ with an all-in-one […]

boe. Outdoor Entertaining Gear

November 26, 2019

The party starts outside! Our friends at boe. know this and have found some of the best items to help you elevate your next camping trip. They sent us three of them to test out: USB Rechargeable Lighter, Luci Candle, and GIR Bottle Stopper. The USB Rechargeable Lighter is a genius product that eliminates the […]

Steeped Coffee

November 13, 2019

Looks like a tea bag, but it’s actually coffee! Genius! The folks at Steeped Coffee have taken premium coffee and made it so convenient for your next camping trip. No need to lug that French Press in your backpack, just bring these individually packaged packets and “brew” them with hot water. No machine needed – […]

Ryno Tuff Ultralight Sleeping Pad Set

October 24, 2019

Get the comfort without the weight! Our friends at Ryno Tuff have designed the Ultralight Sleeping Pad Set that you are definitely going to want to take on your next camping or backpacking trip. Not just any sleeping mat, but a full sized one that weighs only 17 ounces (that includes a pillow). Wow, that […]

FieldCandy Tents

October 11, 2019

Is that a giant slice of watermelon in the field?! No, it’s one of the many unique tents from the folks at FieldCandy! These 2-person tents are fully, functional ‘A’ frame style with a mesh window for ventilation, internal pockets for safe storage and a lantern hanging point. The material used is waterproof, UV resistant, durable and suitable […]

LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger

October 1, 2019

They’ve done it again! Our friends at LuminAID who brought us the Solar Light, have another indispensable product for your next camping trip. The PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger has the same handy features as the original Solar Light: lightweight, waterproof/dustproof, packs completely flat, charges quickly via a solar panel or a USB port, floats, and […]

Comfortably Wild

September 30, 2019

Want to go camping but don’t want to rough it? Then you need to tap into Comfortably Wild, the new book from Mike and Anne Howard that explores over 70 of the top glamping locations in North America! Divided into “experience types”, such as wild west, living history, fantastical, and safari, each entry includes the […]

Radiate Campfire

August 2, 2019

Fire in a can? How easy is that! Radiate Campfire is a portable, convenient way to create an outdoor fire pit. Made from recycled soy wax and paper briquettes, this tin lights quickly and has a 3-5 hour burn time. There’s no fragrance, so you can roast marshmallows or hot dogs over the open flame. When it […]

Mizu 360 V7 Everyday Kit

July 18, 2019

An all-in-one bottle for your TrailblazerGirl adventures! The 360 V7 Everyday Kit from our friends at Mizu (the Japanese word for water) has you covered whether you use this for your everyday urban adventures to travel in cities or countries with questionable water to backcountry camping. The kit features an easy to use system with […]


July 16, 2019

Keep your toesies warm around the campfire! Ever have that problem with your lap blanket where you have to choose between either warm feet and legs or a warm upper body? The folks at PediPocket have the solution for you with their specially designed blanket that has a “pocket” to slip your feet into. Fashioned […]

Princeton Tec Helix Basecamp Rechargeable

July 10, 2019

Looking a like a miniature lunar spaceship, the Helix Basecamp Rechargeable from our friends at Princeton Tec will be a must-have item on your next camping trip. This cute little guy has some great features: dimmable white and red lights; recharges in 3-4 hours via an included micro-USB cord; collapses to half its height for […]

Beyond the Equator 5 Seed Butter

July 9, 2019

You won’t miss the peanuts…especially when you have 5 Seed Butter from our friends at Beyond the Equator! With more and more people suffering from peanut allergies, many are turning toward alternative butters, and this 5 Seed Butter is free of peanuts and other nuts and is absolutely delicious. Packed with nutrient dense foods like […]

Black Tree Resort

June 14, 2019

Now there’s no need to rough it when you go camping! At the soon-to-be-opened Black Tree Resort, you get a pampered outdoor experience. Located in Lake George, just two hours shy of Denver, this is more like glamping with a fully furnished tent including 2 queen beds, solar powered lighting, love seat, dining table and wood-burning […]