humangear GoKit

March 7, 2022

Currently available: $24.95  Visit their site to learn more

The mess kit that will keep you from making a mess! Our friends at humangear, the company that brought us those super organizational containers, Stax, just released GoKit, a minimalist mess kit with maximum features. Choose from two models: the GoKit Light, which includes a plate, bowl, GoBites Uno, and a toothpick, or the GoKit Deluxe, which has all that the Light contains plus cupCUP. Much thought was put into the design of these kits. The GoBites Uno is a handy fork/spoon combo that snugly fits inside the plate to keep it from rattling around loosey-goosey when not in use. You’ll find that the shape of the bowl and plate match the shape of the GoBites Uno, so you can get every last bite. Both the plate and bowl have dual handles to make it easier to hold, and the plate has a handy hidden toothpick (well, not too hidden!). The cupCUP is actually two cups that nest together to form a double-wall insulated mug and popping on the included lid will keep your hot beverage hot for awhile. Or use the cups separately to share a drink with a friend (one cup actually has measurement markings to make campsite cooking easy).¬†All these fantastic pieces fit inside the plate and bowl and lock into place using an integrated snap mechanism, so when you connect a carabiner to hole in the plate handle and hang the kit from your pack, everything is compact and stays together. The humangear GoKit is the ultimate mess kit for your camping and picnic needs!