INZECTO Mosquito Trap

March 24, 2022

Currently available: $49.99  Visit their site to learn more

An eco-friendly device to help keep you from being eaten by mosquitoes! INZECTO Mosquito Trap works on several levels to prevent and get rid of those pesky insects. Insecticides are embedded in the walls of the trap and are activated when water is added. The traps begin working immediately, covering an area of about 3,000 square feet for up to 90 consecutive days. The shape and color of the traps are intentional as well: red and black coloring has been proven to attract female mosquitoes; studies have also shown that the mosquitoes have a preference for laying their eggs in the trap versus other alternative breeding grounds; once the female mosquitoes lay their eggs inside the trap, the insecticide-laced water then kills the larvae; and more than 90% of adult female mosquitoes die on contact when they land on the internal surface of the trap. A fun (or not so fun!) fact is that only¬†female mosquitos bite animals and humans. So the insecticide is only located inside the trap, it’s long-lasting, and it targets mosquitoes specifically – beneficial insects, such as butterflies and bees, are not affected by it.¬†Don’t let the mosquitoes prevent you from enjoying the outdoors, get INZECTO Mosquito Traps.