Beurer Insect Bite Healer

April 1, 2024

Currently available: $29.99  Visit their site to learn more

Don’t let those biting bugs get the better of you! The Beurer Insect Bite Healer is your ticket to itch relief. The magic is in a small ceramic heating plate that releases a mild amount of heat, dissolving the insect venom, saliva, and other irritants that cause the itching and inflammation. With 2 settings, 3 seconds for sensitive skin or 6 seconds for regular use, you apply the heat source directly on the insect bite and you get instant itch relief! This small battery operated device is highly portable, reusable, lightweight, non-messy, and easy to use – just pop it in your pocket or backpack to have handy on your next hiking or camping trip to use as soon as you feel an itch. The Beurer Insect Bite Healer is your solution to itch-free TrailblazerGirl adventures!