RUX Soft Cooler Bag Set

June 7, 2024

Currently available: $220  Visit their site to learn more

Be cool and stay cool! The RUX Soft Cooler Bag Set is very good at keeping its contents fridge-cold regardless of the outside temperature. The set includes a 25 liter Soft Cooler Bag and a 10 liter Cube, which are designed with premium insulation, ensuring optimum temperature control. There’s 10mm of soft memory foam insulation around the walls of the large bag, a high density foam on the bottom that minimizes heat conductivity from the ground up, integrated insulation panels on top, and a fully waterproof roll top lid that complete the full circle superior insulation and design. They are super easy and comfortable to carry, even with a full load: a removable padded shoulder strap, soft and secure grab handles (on the 25 liter bag only), handy belt loops on the Cube, or via the roll top closure. And they’re a breeze to squish down for long term storage. The Soft Cooler Bag is large enough to hold all your picnic supplies and extra drinks, and the Cube is a little cutie to take 6 cans and an ice pack. Given that the bags are fully waterproof and have roll top lids, you can pack in extra ice without worry of leakage. These bags are part of the RUX System, a modular system for the ultimate organizer. Four of the Cubes can fit into the 25 liter bag; label each one so you only need to open the one with the contents that you want to get to, leaving the others sealed and cold; while 2 of the 25 liter Soft Cooler Bags fit into the flagship RUX 70 liter gear hauler. Organized, cool, and ready for your next TrailblazerGirl adventure, check out one of the best soft sided coolers on the market, the RUX Soft Cooler Bag Set!