Top Bike of 2017

December 5, 2017

And the winner is… it’s the end of the year, and we’ve just finished counting all of your Facebook likes (and shares) for our 2017 reviews in the Bike category. And the item that came out on top was… drum role please… the Topeak Aero USB 1W Combo, a set of front and back lights that are […]

Toko Convertible Glove

November 20, 2017

Gloves or mittens? Now, you don’t have to choose. You can have both with the Convertible Glove from our friends at Toko! It’s a poly/Lycra glove with a nylon, windproof cover that tucks into a pocket at your wrist when you don’t need that extra protection. The glove portion has external finger seams for added […]

Glenmorangie Original by Renovo

September 22, 2017

Savor the ride! The most recent collaboration between Renovo, the Portland company that pioneered the concept of building engineered hollow hardwood bicycle frames, and Glenmorangie, creators of the award winning Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, is a beautifully crafted bike call the Glenmorangie Original. Yes, you guessed it, the frame of this bike is made from those very same casks […]

Topeak JoeBlow Twin Turbo

September 22, 2017

Wow, this baby is big! The new JoeBlow Twin Turbo from our friends at Topeak is a significant floor pump with significant power. Those smart engineers at Topeak designed proprietary twin turbo technology to optimize your time and effort in filling those tires so you can hit the road and the trails more quickly. At […]

GripGrab Cycling

September 13, 2017

When you are ready to hit the trails on two wheels, our friends at GripGrab have you covered from head to toe! With their new women-specific line of cycling accessories, the GripGrab Women’s Range, this Danish company has us impressed. Starting at the top (literally!), their Women’s Summer Cycling Cap is lightweight, breathable, machine washable, and will […]

Portland Reflector Afterglow

September 7, 2017

The triangles have it! Our friends at Portland Reflector developed some reflective devices that are just what you need to keep you safe during low lighting times. The Afterglow is a large 6 inch reflector triangle that can be attached to anything. It’s magnetic so you can stick it on something metal (of course!), but it […]

7mesh Quantum Jersey

August 24, 2017

Yet another winner from the folks at 7mesh! We’ve shared some of their cycling pieces with you before, and their latest and greatest is the new Quantum Jersey. Construction of this jersey includes features that are clearly from a company that knows cycling. A full length zipper makes getting this jersey on and off easy. There […]

Elite Fly Bottle

August 4, 2017

Hydrate like the pros! The new Fly Bottles from the cycling experts at Elite are the crème de la crème, and it’s easy to see why the 2017 World Tour pro teams are using them. These 550ml bottles are hyper-lightweight at only 54 grams, and with most standard bottles weighing over 80 grams, they are reportedly the lightest […]

Topeak Aero USB 1W Combo

June 5, 2017

See and be seen! Those expert biking folks at Topeak have done it again…their new Aero USB 1W Combo will have you ready to safely roll in no time at all. Sooo easy to install (read: no tools required) and sooo easy to use (read: nice big buttons that can be maneuvered with gloves on). […]

Rungu Juggernaut

May 19, 2017

Not your typical three-wheeler! The Rungu Juggernaut is a trike on steroids with its three fat (4.8″) tires that grant you a smooth ride on top of snow and sand. The eight speeds and disc brakes on all three wheels allow you to tackle uneven terrain with ease. It’s a hefty trike, weighing in at 56 pounds, but it’s […]

Leaos Solar E-Bike

April 21, 2017

Not just an electric bike…it’s solar powered! The award winning Leaos Solar E-Bike is a very sleek-looking ride. The solar panels are fulling integrated into the frame of the bike and charge with direct sunlight and passive light, while you are riding and also when you are not. The display panel will indicate the battery’s power level, and if […]

Blinder MINI Niner

March 15, 2017

New products from Knog, our favorite Aussie global lighting and cycling accessories friends! The Blinder MINI Range includes 3 options: Dot (a single powerful LED), Niner (an array of 9 LEDs), and Chippy (Chips on Board technology giving a panel of light). We tested the Niner, and we’re happy to report that Knog has another winning light! […]

Slap Bag

March 15, 2017

All you need is one hand! Slap Bag, the Simple Little Accessory Pouch, is a novel carry-all for your bike that can be opened and closed with just one hand. Yes, that’s right, you no longer have to stop to unzip your backpack or fiddle with you seat/handlebar pack to get your gel pack, energy […]

Lumos Helmet

March 10, 2017

Light up your head! The award winning, Lumos Helmet, is a smart helmet that is a must-have for urban commuters. It meets US and European safety standards and has 10 bright white LED lights in the front, 16 bright red LED lights in the rear, and 16 bright orange LED for turn signals. The battery […]

Elite Turacio Thermal Bottle

January 30, 2017

Put a cork in it! As long as it’s the Turacio Thermal Bottle from our friends at Elite. Designed and engineered in Italy, this cool looking sports bottle is insulated with 100% natural cork which allows it to keep those much needed fluids cold for up to 3 hours. The leakproof cap is constructed with […]

Topeak Ninja Bottle Cage Series

January 26, 2017

You don’t need to be a ninja to appreciate these bike accessories from our friends at Topeak! The already fantastic Ninja Bottle Cage Series has recently expanded to include the Ninja Pouch+ Road (pictured above), the Ninja TC Road, and the Ninja CO2+. The + indicates that it comes with full bottle cage (though you can […]

Top Bike of 2016

December 5, 2016

And the winner is… it’s the end of the year, and we’ve just finished counting all of your Facebook likes (and shares) for our 2016 reviews in the Bike category. And the item that came out on top was… drum role please…Bopworx, a traveling cyclist’s best friend. Rounding out the top-3 were NiteRider Lumina 950 Boost + […]

Santini Argo Kit

November 7, 2016

Handmade Italian style and quality. Our friends at Santini have designed and created high performance cycling and triathlon clothing since 1965, and their Argo kit is their latest achievement. The matching top and shorts are constructed out of a new polyester fiber that provides better UV protection, moisture management, and comfortable coverage than the typical polyester fabric. […]

PWR by Knog

November 2, 2016

Power up your TrailblazerGirl adventures with PWR! Our friends at Knog (you recall them…that great company with the cool bike products!) have developed PWR, a new eco-system of outdoor products using one power source. It looks like a super idea: a single battery source that can be interchanged to power a Bluetooth speaker, a camping lantern, a 300 lumen headtorch, […]

The Beast

October 28, 2016

The Beast. No, it’s not your next Halloween costume or the latest scary movie. It’s Dayak Inc’s new power-assist electric “bike”. We say “bike”, because it’s like an e-bike on steroids with the features of an ATV that make it ideal for taking off-road on those trails, plus it’s street legal. With 4 models to choose from, you […]

Overade Plixi

September 28, 2016

No more excuses not to wear a helmet. The Plixi by the Parisian company Overade is a foldable helmet. The design of this helmet is a marvel – check out the video on their website – it folds into itself with various hinges and segments, so that its volume is about a third of the size […]

RearViz Classic

September 16, 2016

Safety is just an arm’s length away! RearViz is the world’s first arm-mounted cycling mirror. Consisting of a convex, round mirror about the size of a watch face, you’re provided with a wide view of of the space behind you. This innovative product out of Australia is fully adjustable by rotating 360 degrees around the base and pivoting 180 […]

Specialized Alibi Sport Step Through

August 29, 2016

What?! Airless tires?! Yes, the new Alibi Sport Step Through by the folks at Specialized is fitted with airless tires – what does that mean?! It means that you don’t need to worry about pumping up or changing a flat tire! Very cool! Plus the grips and saddle of the Alibi are designed specifically for women. […]

NiteRider Lumina 950 Boost + Solas 100 Combo

August 29, 2016

On two wheels or on two feet, our friends at NiteRider have the lighting solution for you! Their new Lumina 950 Boost and Solas 100 Combo has you covered coming and going. The Lumina 950 Boost is the frontend and features 6 modes: 200 lumens, 400 lumens, 800 lumens, 950 lumens (wow!), 40 lumens for walking, […]