Topeak HeadLux 450 USB

October 15, 2020

Currently available: $49.95  Visit their site to learn more

Earlier we introduced you to Topeak’s Mini USB Combo, and now here’s a the big mama alternative to that mini! It’s the Topeak HeadLux 450 USB, a front lamp with 2 super bright, white LEDs that have an illumination range of 50 meters at its maximum luminous intensity of 450 lumens. The approximate run times for the four light modes are: 1.5 hours on high; 3 hours on mid-brightness; 5 hours on low-brightness; and 10 hours on blinking. As the name indicates, it’s USB rechargeable with the included micro USB cord, being fully charged within about 2 hours. As with the Mini, the HeadLux is water resistant and is easily mounted without tools to your handlebars or to your helmet with one of the two rubber straps. Get exceptional visibility with the Topeak HeadLux 450 USB.