Planet Bike Rojo 100 Bike Tail Light

January 24, 2020

Currently available: $35  Visit their site to learn more

Bright and shiny! Our friends at Planet Bike are working hard to keep you safe. Their recently released Rojo 100 Bike Tail Light is their brightest rear light with a whopping 100 lumens of power. This little guy has one large and one small LED light that work in conjunction when you select one of four setting modes: steady (25 lumens, 5 hour running time); pulse (50-90 lumens, 10 hour running time); courtesy (30-90 lumens, 12 hour running time); and turbo (100 lumens, 15 hour running time). The courtesy setting is an interesting one, aimed at riding in groups, so the large light pulses and gets slowly brighter before blinking to the smaller one. You’ll be the favorite with your fellow riders! The battery recharges in a quick 2.5 hours with the included USB-C cable. Also include are 3 different brackets to easily mount the dustproof and waterproof Rojo to your seat post, seat stay or rear rack. Make your way through the streets with peace of mind thanks to Planet Bike’s Rojo 100 Bike Tail Light!