Primal Obsidian Evo 2.0 Shorts

June 17, 2021

Currently available: $115  Visit their site to learn more

Ride in comfort! Earlier we introduced you to the Primal Envia Spin Shorts, the go-to shorts for indoor cyclists, and for those of you that want to take it outdoors for longer rides, there’s the Primal Obsidian Evo 2.0 Shorts. The standout feature of these shorts is their E6 Carbon chamois. This 4-layer, 4-way stretch chamois is made with a special fabric that promotes blood flow and reduced lactic acid buildup. It’s antibacterial and antimicrobial, plus there’s an air mesh insert which helps with shock absorption and moisture management. These shorts stay in place thanks to the Laser Cut FlexPro Leg Bands, which allow for unrestricted pedal motion while promoting blood flow and wicking moisture from the surface of the skin. Super comfortable and well made, you get the padding without the chaffing. Long days in the saddle call for the Primal Obsidian Evo 2.0 Shorts, a must-have piece in any TrailblazerGirl cyclists wardrobe!