Topeak Toolbox PT30

March 3, 2022

Currently available: $77.95  Visit their site to learn more

Everything you need and more to keep you riding! The Topeak Toolbox PT30 is a mini tool kit with, as the name implies, 30 very useful tools to repair or perform essential maintenance on road or trail bikes. In this comprehensive kit you’ll find: 7 sizes of Allen wrenches, 10mm hex socket, 3 sizes of Torx wrenches, saw, knife, tire reamer, plug insertion tool, Phillips screw driver, flat head screw driver, chain tool, chain hook, chain pin breaker, master link pliers, 14G, 15G, Mavic M7 and Shimano 4.5mm spoke wrenches, and disc brake pad spacer. All are contained in a sturdy, weatherproof, compact box which can be mounted on a Ninja Master+ Cage or installed on your bike frame, seat post, or stem using the included frame mount and zip ties. The quality tools are built out of chrome vanadium steel, making them resistant to abrasion, oxidation and corrosion. On-the-road repairs are a cinch with the Topeak Toolbox PT30!