Topeak TailLux 100 USB

October 15, 2020

Currently available: $44.95  Visit their site to learn more

Here’s the mate to the Topeak HeadLux 450 USB that we shared with you to earlier…the Topeak TailLux 100 USB! This rear light will make it difficult for motorist not to see you (and that’s a good thing!) with its 9 super bright LEDs that shed a maximum of 100 lumens and a beam pattern of 220 degrees. Four lighting modes include a constant light that will run for 3 hours; a blinking mode that will run for a whopping 30 hours; a blinking and constant mode with a 5 hour run time; and a constant plus blinking sequence, lasting 10 hours. It has a water resistant rating of IPX 6, and the rubber cap over the USB Type-C port ensures dirt and water won’t damage the light. The effortless, no-tool, rubber strap facilitates mounting the TailLux on seat posts, bags, or helmets.¬†Light your ride with the Topeak TailLux 100 USB, an essential safety element when cycling!