Allison Gannett’s Rippin Chix – Red Mtn Steeps Camp

November 1, 2012

Currently available: $350  Visit their site to learn more

Coming February 2, 2013. Okay free-ski bunnies. Time to get those skis on and hike them up the hill. Oh wait, maybe a little all-girls refresher course is in order… or maybe this free-skiing is new to you, so a camp would fit the bill. Well, our friends at Keen have gotten together with world champion big mountain free skier Alison Gannettt for the 2-day Keen Rippin’ Chix Steep Skiing camp at the Red Mountain Resort in the Kootney Mountains in British Columbia (fly to Spokane). This camp includes a lot of great support plus instruction and video analysis, with a focus on steep hill skiing. If you want to join the more entry-level group, you should just be somewhat comfortable in powder and trees with the expectation that you now need confidence and skills for tougher stuff. If you want to join the more experienced group, you should feel pretty comfortable on most double black diamonds with the expectation that you’re now ready to build skills in airs, roots, rocks and chutes. Either way, this will take you to the next level with a group of really accomplished instructors in a safe and supportive setting.