International Camel and Ostrich Races

July 29, 2022

Currently available: $20+  Visit their site to learn more

Coming September 9-11, 2022. Horse races…dog races…camel races?! Yes, it’s the 63rd annual International Camel and Ostrich Races in Nevada’s Virginia City! In 1859, the Comstock Lode was discovered in this historic town, and a visit here has you stepping back in time exploring the many Victorian buildings built during that 19th-century mining boom. The races started as a prank between two newspaper editors more than 60 years ago and has grown into a big crowd pleaser. Amateur and professional (yes, there are actually pro camel racers and ostrich racers, go figure!) compete to race their animals around a u-shaped track. If you sign up early, you may be one of the lucky few that can hop on and race a camel, too! A unique experience awaits you at the International Camel and Ostrich Races!