Gutsy Girls Cross Country Ski and Yoga Week

February 24, 2020

Currently available: £1649+  Visit their site to learn more

Coming March 15, 2020. Winter adventures galore! Gutsy Girls has a week-long holiday to the Land of the Midnight Sun for those new to the sport of cross country skiing. With expert coaching in small groups, you’ll pick up this fun form of exercise in no time. On skis and snowshoes, you’ll explore Venabydsfjellet, the snow covered mountain plateau on the edge of Rondane National Park, just north of Lillehammer in the heart of Norway. To relax and stretch those tired muscles, there will be three evening yoga classes, as well as a well-deserved sauna break. Another highlight includes a husky sledding opportunity where you will meet the dogs at a local kennel and drive your own dog sledding team through the beautiful nordic wilderness. A Norwegian adventure awaits with the Gutsy Girls Cross Country Ski and Yoga Week!