Transcontinental Race

May 14, 2019

Currently available: £300  Visit their site to learn more

Coming July 27, 2019. Coast to coast, across the continent. The Transcontinental Race is an ultra-endurance cycling event, and this year, it takes riders from Burgas, Bulgaria to Brest, France; that’s about 4,000 km or almost 2,500 miles! A point to point, single stage race in which the clock never stops, there is no specific route, however there are 4 mandatory Control Points where cyclists must check in with race staff to validate their arrival. The race is completely unsupported – cyclists plan, research and navigate their own course and choose when and where to rest. They must carry everything they need on their own and purchase food and hydration along the way. Started in 2013, the record to date is 7 days, 13 hours, and 45 minutes that first year with a route from London, UK to Istanbul, Turkey. Will this year’s Transcontinental Race winner beat the record?