Golden Nugget Triathlon

March 22, 2019

Currently available: $60  Visit their site to learn more

Coming May 19, 2019. Strike the mother load at the Golden Nugget Triathlon! This women-only tri is held in Anchorage and is one of Alaska‚Äôs most popular races, with entries capped at 1,600. The first leg is a 500 yard swim – 10 laps or 20 lengths in an indoor pool. The second leg is a 12 mile bike ride that is fast but mostly hills. The third and final leg is a 3.5 mile run which is described as “slightly downhill most of the way”.¬†Registration for this year’s race is full already (apparently that’s a regular thing with all the spaces filled within minutes of registration opening!), but you can sign up for the waitlist and keep your fingers crossed that a spot opens up. Otherwise, mark your calendar early for next year’s Golden Nugget Triathlon!