COBS Cinnamon Bun Run 8-Miler

May 15, 2019

Currently available: $70+  Visit their site to learn more

Coming June 15, 2019. Who could resist a fresh cinnamon bun?! The COBS Cinnamon Bun Run 8-Miler (say that fast, three times!) is a tasty food themed race starting in Black Diamond, Canada and ending at the Millarville Farmers’ Market. Choose to be a “Bunner”, which has you scarfing down a delicious cinnamon bun at the 3.4 and 6.4 mile markers. Or you can choose to be a “Runner” and munch on a cinnamon bun along the way without making any stops on the 8-mile route. There’s an added incentive for the “Bunners”; a $75 bonus is given to the “Bunner” that finishes ahead of the fastest “Runner”. Delectable cinnamon buns, fresh air, and a flat course at the COBS Cinnamon Bun Run 8-Miler!