April 19, 2018

Currently available: $23.99 (12 pack)  Visit their site to learn more

Got the nighttime munchies? Yep, us too, and now we’ve found a better snack that you don’t need to worry about! Our friends at NightFood have spent some time researching the right formula that will satisfy those late night cravings yet not contain extra calories and definitely not keep you awake. These bars have the key ingredients that sleep experts recommend: a moderate amount of calories (140 calories) composed of mostly complex carbs from rolled oats; a moderate amount of soy protein (6 grams); a good amount of fiber (5-6 grams); and plenty of calcium and magnesium. NightFood bars have cute names like Cookies & Dreams and Midnight Chocolate Crunch, and they’re so delicious! Plus they’re low in sugar –  25-33% less sugar than that glass of warm milk that we often hear is a good bedtime snack. For late night cravings, don’t eat the wrong thing, get NightFood and avoid the “snaccident”!