Midtown Beef Jerky

April 24, 2018

Jerky is the ideal snack for active TrailblazerGirls, and we’ve found a tasty one in Midtown Beef Jerky. Their tagline is Freshness + Quality = Awesome. We think that’s a pretty accurate description of this small batch artisan jerky. They offer 3 flavors, and here’s our take on them. Peppered has it all going on: smoky, savory, […]

Creation Nation Protein Bar Mix and Energy Bite Mix

April 23, 2018

DIY balls, bars, and bites with Creation Nation! Our friends at Creation Nation have some awesome Protein Bar and Energy Bite Mixes that make it so that you can customize your on-the-go snack. Like dried fruit? Great, add that to the mix! Want to avoid super sweet bars? Then don’t add any sweetener to the […]


April 19, 2018

Got the nighttime munchies? Yep, us too, and now we’ve found a better snack that you don’t need to worry about! Our friends at NightFood have spent some time researching the right formula that will satisfy those late night cravings yet not contain extra calories and definitely not keep you awake. These bars have the […]

New York City: bRUNch Pop-Up

April 11, 2018

Coming April 14, 2018. Sundays and brunch go together, and now you can add a bit of running in too! The folks at bRUNch Running have arranged a pop-up brunch date at the San Remo Cafe in SoHo this Sunday. This is a guided, paced 5K or 10K run (or walk) taking you through the […]


April 4, 2018

Little puffs of yumminess! Our friends at KiiNOA! are on to something. They have taken the superfood quinoa and created healthy snacks that will satisfy your need for something crunchy and tasty. Quinoa, known to the Incas as the “mother of all grains”, is rich in protein and fiber. And this is not just any protein, […]

BRAMI Lupini Snack

April 3, 2018

The Miracle Beans that nourished Egyptian pharoahs, Roman warriors, and are a staple in the Mediterranean diet. It’s the lupini bean, a flat, almost squarish bean that is part of the lupin family of legumes, a distant relative to the peanut. Our friends at BRAMI have pickled these beans, added various seasonings and created a […]

Lark Ellen Farm Grain Free Granola Bites and Trail Mixes

March 29, 2018

We’re nuts about Lark Ellen Farm! They offer delicious Grain Free Granola Bites and Trail Mixes that you’ll want to make part of your TrailblazerGirl, healthy diet. This is not your typical granola. They have substituted a mix of almonds, walnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds for the standard oats that you find in […]

88 Acres Craft Seed Bars

March 14, 2018

If you have allergies, we have the bar for you! Even if you don’t have allergies, you’re gonna love the Craft Seed Bars from 88 Acres. Developing her connection to food while growing up on an 88 acre organic farm in Massachusetts (hence the name of the company), Nicole Ledoux was motivated to create some healthy […]

Beaujolais Granola

March 5, 2018

From the gorgeous California wine country comes…Beaujolais Granola! Don’t be fooled, there’s no wine in it, but it’s so delicious, it’s worthy of a toast! This is handcrafted granola made in small batches with quality, natural ingredients like healthy rolled oats, fiber-rich dried fruits, crunchy nuts and seeds, and tasty cacao nibs. It has just […]

Tourissimo Emilia Romagna Chef Bike Tour

March 1, 2018

Coming June 4, 2018. Cycle and eat your way through Italy! The Tourissimo Emilia Romagna Chef Bike Tour sounds like a delicious escapade through the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. On this weeklong journey, cohosted by two talented chefs, get ready to cycle to castles, quaint villages, picturesque vistas, and food, food, food! Visit the dairy farm […]

Harney & Sons Tea

February 16, 2018

Do you fancy a cuppa? Yes, please! The cold weather has us TrailblazerGirls craving a mug of steaming hot tea, and our friends at Harney & Sons are happy to oblige. For 3 generations, this family run company personally sources their tea from Asia and India, blends it, and packages it in individually wrapped sachets […]

Awesome Bars

February 15, 2018

Awesome Bars. Do they live up to their big name? Yes. A big resounding yes! What makes them so awesome? First off, they are made with all natural ingredients. The list includes recognizable ingredients like organic oats, organic roasted nuts, dried fruit, organic unsweetened coconut, and even a little love (yes, it’s actually in the […]

Crio Bru

February 14, 2018

Energize naturally! Our friends at Crio Bru have a special brew to get you going in the morning or any time you need a little pick-me-up. Crio Bru is made with roasted, ground cacao beans. Yes, cacao as in the seed pods of the Cacao Tree that chocolate is made from. But this cacao is […]

BGood Bars

February 8, 2018

So good, it’s hard to believe they’re healthy for you! BGood Bars are little bites of chocolatey yumminess. Moist, filled with dried fruit, nuts, seeds, coconut, flax, and then hand dipped in dark, rich chocolate. Ooooo…what’s not to like! Plus, there’s no reason to feel guilty about eating these delicious bars, because they are all […]

No Cow Bars and Protein Cookies

February 7, 2018

Absolutely no dairy…or should we say, No Cow! Yes, the folks at No Cow have created bars and protein cookies that are free of all dairy products including whey protein, so vegans will be very happy with this option. All the bars (8 flavors) and cookies (4 flavors) are surprisingly low in sugar with only […]

Brooklyn Biltong

February 7, 2018

A completely different kind of jerky! Brooklyn Biltong brings us South Africa’s version of beef jerky. Based on a family recipe, this biltong takes grass fed beef, thinly slices it, marinates it, sprinkles with spices, and finally air dries it for 3-6 days. Gone is the chewy, tough traditional jerky. Say hello to a tender, […]

Mount Mayon Volcanic Pili Nuts

February 6, 2018

A new nut! (Well, to most of us that are not from the Philippines, that is!) Our friends at Mount Mayon provided us with some samples of their Volcanic Pili Nuts, and the TrailblazerGirl team is hooked on them! They are absolutely delicious. Harvested from trees surrounding the Mount Mayon volcano in the Philippines, they […]


February 6, 2018

Clip. Hydrate. KOLD. That’s not a typo. It’s KOLD with a K, because it’s a KOLD. bottle that keeps your liquids kold for up to 24 hours! Thanks to a special double walled, vacuum insulated technology, your liquids will remain at the temperature that you started your hike at – whether it’s ice cold for […]

Legally Addictive Crack Cookies

February 5, 2018

Is it a cracker? Is it a cookie? Either way, it’s delicious, and they’re called Legally Addictive Crack Cookies! Why are they called Crack Cookies? According to Laura Shafferman, the founder and genius creator of these yummies, there are two reasons. First, the base is made from a cracker; yes, an ordinary square, humble cracker […]

BobbySue’s Nuts

January 30, 2018

From a secret family recipe to an award winning, nationally distributed snack! BobbySue’s Nuts are a savory and sweet combination that you will love. Filled with a blend of heart-healthy almonds, cashew, and pecans that are dry roasted with an organic egg-white meringue coating and seasonings, these are super tasty and satisfying. Crunchy, sweet, salty, […]

Matzo Project Snacks

January 29, 2018

Not your typical matzo. When you hear matzo, do you think of that cardboardy, tasteless, dry cracker? Well, the Matzo Project is setting out to change your opinion of this traditional, unleavened bread. With a cheeky grandmother on every package, saying things like “eat something, you look skinny”, how could you resist this! They offer Matzo […]

Big Spoon Roasters Handcrafted Nut Butter Bars

January 25, 2018

Oooo these are good! If you like peanut butter, then you will absolutely go crazy for the Big Spoon Roasters Handcrafted Nut Butter Bars! The star ingredients of these bars are the fresh-roasted peanut-pecan and peanut-pepita butters that were inspired by the hand made nut butters that the founder tasted while living in a rural farming […]

Umpqua Oats Organic Oatmeal

January 24, 2018

They’ve done it again! Placing in the TrailblazerGirl Top 3 Finds in the Camping Category for 2 years in a row, our good friends at Umpqua Oats have created yet another yummy flavor in their organic line of ready-to-go oatmeal cups. This time, it’s Banana Walnut! Peel open the lid, and you’re hit with a delicious […]

Popped Chickpeatos

January 23, 2018

Forget the chips! If you are craving a crunchy snack, go for something different (and more healthy!) with Popped Chickpeatos! Love the name – a fun play on chickpeas, green peas, and cheetos! These good-for-you little balls are made out of a special blend of chickpeas, rice, and green peas with no preservatives or artificial […]