Quest Bars and Cookies

October 17, 2018

Your “quest” for a high protein snack is over! Quest Bars and Cookies are absolutely loaded with protein – the bars have a whopping 20-21 grams and the cookies have an admirable 15 grams. The protein comes from a proprietary blend of milk protein isolate and whey protein isolate, which yields high quality, fast-digesting proteins. You’ll also […]

Tiny Hero Power Breakfast

October 15, 2018

Quinoa, AKA the mother of all grains, is one of the most popular and healthy foods out there. Our friends at Tiny Hero have taken this power-packed ancient grain and produced Power Breakfast cups that will please your tastebuds. Quinoa is loaded with nutrition. It’s one of the only plant sources that is a complete […]

E&C Snacks Heavenly Hunks

October 9, 2018

Gotta get a hunk…a Heavenly Hunk from our friends at E&C Snacks, that is! These little square bites are well…heavenly! They are concentrated tidbits that are deliciously moist and chewy with wholesome rolled oats, coconut, cane sugar, sorghum flour, and other real ingredients like white chocolate, dark chocolate, and cranberries. Just the right amount of […]

Vegan Rob’s Snacks

September 26, 2018

You won’t complain about eating your vegetable with Vegan Rob’s Snacks! These tasty snacks, as their name implies, are made from purely vegan ingredients and have the added benefit of being certified gluten free, non GMO, and kosher with no trans fats. There’s a wide array of unique flavors to choose from with chips, puffs, […]

Little Secrets Dark Chocolate Pieces

September 25, 2018

We’ll let you in on a little secret…Little Secrets Dark Chocolate Pieces are delicious and you may not want to share them! These candy coated bites of yumminess are made with with Fair Trade chocolate (55%  cacao) with no artificial colors, flavors, or corn syrup. Yes, that’s right, even though these tidbits come in bright […]

Windward Jerky

September 14, 2018

Island-inspired jerky! The folks at Windward Jerky have some delicious jerky that you are going to want to take on all your TrailblazerGirl adventures. They offer 4 flavors: Gaia (peppered garlic herb), Alaka’i (island teriyaki), Island Arc (spicy guava), and Crossroads (sweet chili stout). Each one is cultivated around a story; for example, Alaka’i (our […]

Bonk Breakers Bars and Chews

August 28, 2018

Chewy yumminess without the bonk! Developed by 2 elite athletes, Bonk Breakers Bars and Energy Chews address, as the name implies, the awful condition that we experience when our glycogen stores get so low that our brain starts to shut down our body. They offer 3 types of bars that are made with 10-12 real food ingredients […]

Fourpoints Bars

August 20, 2018

Real food. Real energy. Real delicious. Fourpoints bars practically invite you to take to the outdoors with their topo map packaging of places like Vail, Aspen Mountain, and other Colorado highlights. Crafted around a base of dried plums and figs and adding a dose of heart healthy nuts and seeds, you’ll get a bar that […]

Undercover Quinoa

August 17, 2018

Yum, yum! From a “health conscious chocoholic” mom, comes the surprisingly addictive Undercover Quinoa. Yes, you guessed it, the key ingredient is quinoa, that superfood that is a rich source of protein, fiber and nutrients. Quinoa is naturally gluten free and a must for this resourceful mom (aren’t mom’s great?!) since her daughters were diagnosed with celiac disease. […]

Hip Bottle

August 10, 2018

A hip way to stay hydrated! Taking inspiration from the hip flask, the Hip Bottle has that fun, flattened shape, add to that 6 pretty colors, and you have a super reusable water bottle that fits conveniently in your tote or backpack. It has a BPA-free Tritan body with silicone sleeve, strap, and twist cap and […]

Food Guard Lid

July 30, 2018

Dots up and out! In an assortment of fun colors, Food Guard Lids are an eco-friendly way to store your food. No more wasteful single-use plastic wrap or searching to find the right sized container and lid. These are food grade silicone rounds with a bit of stickiness that are so handy to cover your […]

The Protein Cookie Company

July 27, 2018

Cookies! The TrailblazerGirl team has a big sweet tooth (well, more like teeth!), but it’s a guilty pleasure that we try to treat ourselves with only once in a while. Now, we don’t have to feel guilty, because the folks at The Protein Cookie Company have a cookie that fits into a healthy lifestyle! One giant […]

ProSupps MyBar

July 23, 2018

Let them eat cake! As long as it’s the Confetti Cake Crunch from the folks at ProSupps MyBar! Not your ordinary protein bar, these bars are made with whey protein isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate. What does that mean for you? It means that the protein you get is the best source of protein available – […]

5K Corndog Classic

July 23, 2018

Coming September 22, 2018. Here’s a foodie race that pays homage to the corndog and other iconic fair foods! Head to the Tulsa State Fair for the 5K Corndog Classic. Choose from 3 fun events: the Challenge 5K, where you’ll nosh on mini chicken and waffles, mini orange juice (or mimosa for those 21 and over) […]

Macaw! Gourmet Protein Bars

July 19, 2018

Are you nuts about cashews? We definitely are! Rich, buttery, sweet cashews are technically seeds of the cashew “apple” and are loaded with heart healthy benefits, antioxidants, minerals, and fiber. The folks at Macaw! Foods are showcasing this comma-shaped powerhouse in the form of delicious, freshly ground organic cashew butter in their Gourmet Protein Bars. Adding […]

The Bar Shack

July 18, 2018

Don’t settle. Imagine all your favorite ingredients in your next energy bar. Now you can get exactly what you want with the custom bars from The Bar Shack! There are 3 different Build-a-Bars to choose from: Protein Bars, Gourmet Protein Bars, and “Cheat Day” Dessert Bars. They all start with one of three bases: soft […]

Enlightened Roasted Broad Bean Crisps

July 17, 2018

The snack with crunch! Our friends at Enlightened have “enlightened” unhealthy snack foods with a healthy, high protein snack that has four times the protein, five times the fiber and one third the fat of potato chips. They created their yummy snacks with broad beans. Broad beans? You may know them as fava, butter, horse, […]

BuckWHAT! Noshes

June 18, 2018

They’ve changed…but don’t worry, they still taste as yummy as they did before! Earlier this year, we introduced you to BuckWHAT!, the buckwheat-based, healthy snacks that are naturally gluten free. Recently, they re-launched with happy, green packaging, some new flavors, and a focus on their Noshes (looks like they’re not doing the bars anymore). Maintaining the […]

Buff Bake Protein and Protein Sandwich Cookies

June 5, 2018

The better for you cookie! Who doesn’t love cookies, and our friends at Buff Bake have some protein packed cookies that you don’t need to feel guilty about. They are baked with all natural ingredients and are gluten free with 220-320 calories and 12-16 grams of protein. Whether you like soft or crunchy, they’ve got you […]

Ayala’s Herbal Water

June 4, 2018

Water with herbal excitement! Hydration is important, but it doesn’t have to be with ordinary, run of the mill, unflavored or simple fruit flavored water. Our friends at Ayala’s Herbal Water have some uniquely flavored waters that have won awards and will win over your taste buds. Developed by a smart pediatrician and mom who […]

Emmy’s Organics

May 23, 2018

Yummy, yummy! A while back we introduced you to the healthy treats from Emmy’s. We loved them back then, and we’re happy to report that they have some new flavors and new packaging and are just as delicious! These coconut cookies are made with all organic, non-GMO ingredients, sweetened with organic agave syrup, and have no artificial […]

Living Libations Chocolate

May 21, 2018

A different kind of chocolate. Our friends at Living Libations have made what they describe as a “Beauty Bar” – a bar of unroasted cacao beans with added ingredients like botanical herbs and superfoods that bring out the “beauty of a bite well savored”. By not cooking and processing the cacao bean, all the healthy […]

Midtown Beef Jerky

April 24, 2018

Jerky is the ideal snack for active TrailblazerGirls, and we’ve found a tasty one in Midtown Beef Jerky. Their tagline is Freshness + Quality = Awesome. We think that’s a pretty accurate description of this small batch artisan jerky. They offer 3 flavors, and here’s our take on them. Peppered has it all going on: smoky, savory, […]

Creation Nation Protein Bar Mix and Energy Bite Mix

April 23, 2018

DIY balls, bars, and bites with Creation Nation! Our friends at Creation Nation have some awesome Protein Bar and Energy Bite Mixes that make it so that you can customize your on-the-go snack. Like dried fruit? Great, add that to the mix! Want to avoid super sweet bars? Then don’t add any sweetener to the […]