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Seattle Lantern Light Festival

December 18, 2017

Currently available: $23  Visit their site to learn more

Now through January 7, 2018. A spectacle of lights and colors! The Seattle Lantern Light Festival has debuted at the Washington State Fair Events Center and features massive lighted lanterns in a variety of shapes and themes. These lanterns are handmade out of steel rod frames covered with a silk-like material by Chinese artisans using techniques handed down from family to family for over 2,000 years. The multitude of LED lights shine through the colorful material creating almost a stained glass-type of brilliance. The displays include a 30 foot tall Panda, a red lantern tunnel, an enormous, jolly Santa, even a Seattle Space Needle, and the highlight, an impressive, 400 foot long dragon, complete with a moving head. In addition to the lanterns, there are live performances by Chinese acrobats, miniature golf, a small inflatable maze, a few talented artists, and fireworks on Saturday nights. It’s held at the fairgrounds so don’t forget to get a Fisher Fair Scone, those deliciously warm baked yummies that have been delighting fairgoers since 1911. Bundle up for an entertaining evening experience with a¬†kaleidoscope of colors at the¬†Seattle Lantern Light Festival!