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2017 Swim Defiance

May 26, 2017

Currently available: $80+  Visit their site to learn more

Coming June 3, 2017. It’s Swim Defiance…not defiance as is bold disobedience, but Defiance as in Point Defiance, an area in Tacoma, Washington. But you will need a little (or maybe a lot!) of boldness to complete this 5K open swim in the chilly waters of Commencement Bay. (Water temp is estimated at 56-60 degrees F.) The course is an out and back, triangle from the waters off of Owens Beach to Vashon Island. Safety is paramount as racers are require to wear a personal brightly colored safety buoy, color-coded race cap, and race chip as lifeguards, kayaks and water rescue and safety boats monitor the course. There’s also a 3K length – one way from Vashon to Owens Beach. So be defiant and check out the fourth annual Swim Defiance!