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Hatfield McCoy Marathon

April 10, 2017

Currently available: $80+  Visit their site to learn more

Coming June 10, 2017. Happily the feud is over! We’re talking about the infamous feud between the Hatfield and the McCoy families, and they’ve since replaced their feud with something much preferred wth the Hatfield McCoy Marathon. Start the weekend off with a pasta dinner the night before the race and an entertaining skit with actors in full costume playing out the history of this feud that lasted generations. The course is a scenic one, starting in Kentucky and ending in West Virginia, that takes you past beautiful tree-covered mountains, country homes, and many of the sites where the Hatfields and McCoys fought between 1863 and 1891. Expect heat, humidity, and hills broken up with a swinging suspension bridge, the “World Smallest Horses”, and friendly, support stations along the way. You’ll be greeted by Hatfield and McCoy at the finish line complete with shotguns (yikes!) and a post race party. As they say no feuding’…just runnin’!