Blood and Guts Run

October 20, 2016

Currently available: $35  Visit their site to learn more

Coming October 22, 2016. A gory-sounding run! The Blood and Guts Run in Centreville, Virginia is a 5K race filled with outrageous obstacles and masses of zombies. Let’s talk about the zombies – not only will they be chasing you trying to take your lives (flags), but they’ll also have “blood” filled water guns! Yikes! Obstacles include the Creepy Cargo Net, the Bloody Water Slide, Beams of Fear, Spider Web, Murky Mud Crawl, and Pumpkin Smasher. Following the race, celebrate with the DJ dance party, food trucks, and a beer garden. Pick a costume or just wear a white t-shirt to proudly display all the “blood”!