Bollé Greta Sunglasses

October 6, 2016

Currently available: $69.99  Visit their site to learn more

Look oh-so-cool in the Greta Sunglasses from our friends at Bollé! And looks are just the tip of the iceberg…the Greta comes with the latest and most innovative lens and frame technology that Bollé is known for. TrailblazerGirls will appreciate top notch polarization that allows you to see clearly and crisply, especially when out on the water. The antifog treatment and top of the line UV protection are features that are indispensable when running, hiking, skiing, and any time you’re just being a TrailblazerGirl. Embedded into the lenses is a oleophobic/hydrophobic treatment, which is a fancy way of saying that there’s a special coating on the lenses that keeps them clean by preventing dirt, water spots, and grease from sticking to them. Designed out of the finest grade nylon, the Greta is strong yet super lightweight and comfortable. The Greta is a great looking pair of sunglasses that will meet all your TrailblazerGirl needs!