DMoose Resistance Loop Bands

August 17, 2021

Who needs a gym? Especially when you can get a workout with the Resistance Loop Bands from DMoose! Conveniently packaged in a portable mesh bag, the kit contains 5 brightly colored bands which are clearly marked with variable resistance levels. The 12 inch by 2 inch bands start at a resistance level of extra light […]

Super Natural Goods Underarmed

August 3, 2020

Go for all natural…or maybe we should say Super Natural, as in Super Natural Goods Underarmed! This handcrafted deodorant is free of all the bad stuff. No aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates, or any other harsh chemical. What’s in it then? A formula crafted over two years with organic coconut oil, beeswax, aluminum free sodium […]

Vuori Summits Woven Short

May 13, 2019

From our friends at Vuori, that brought us the Performance Jogger that are still going strong after more than 2 years of use (yes, that’s right, more than 2 years!), comes another item that we think will soon be an indispensable staple in our TrailblazerGirl active wardrobe. The Summits Woven Short uses Vuori’s V4 Technology, a 4-way […]

Myro Deodorant

April 30, 2019

Introducing an eco-friendly, natural deodorant! Say hello to Myro. First off, it doesn’t look like your typical deodorant container. These are cool looking, mini statues that they call pods which come in 5 colors from the subdued Moss to the bright Flame. So pick the color that matches your mood and then pick your scent. […]

JK Naturals Deodorant Stick

April 26, 2019

Fight stink naturally with JK Naturals Deodorant Sticks! Born out of the need of a resourceful mom (aren’t moms great?!) to find a deodorant that was not filled with toxic chemicals and fake fragrances but also worked on the “stink of a pre-teen boy”, JK Naturals deodorants are 100% natural and 100% organic. This translates […]

OSHәN 22″ Manhattan Crop Running Pant

April 24, 2019

Skip the plastic and go natural! Our friends at OSHәN have developed an innovative fabric that is completely free of the plastics that we see in most high performance sports apparel. Their trademarked fabric is a combination of bamboo and Spandex. Bamboo is the ultimate definition of eco-friendly and sustainable: it doesn’t require water, replanting, […]

Anita Air Control DeltaPad

April 10, 2019

Fit + support = an award winning sports bra! The folks at Anita have been designing lingerie since 1886, and their Air Control DeltaPad reflects this experience and commitment. Get a “6 pack” with their 6 innovative design features: (1) patented triangular shaped cups (DeltaPads) provide maximum support; (2) soft, breathable underbust band; (3) outer […]

rabbit spaghetti BRA-vo

March 6, 2019

As promised, here’s another winning item from our friends at rabbit…the spaghetti BRA-vo. Yes, rabbit makes some awesome clothes for runners, but don’t overlook using these champions for all of your TrailblazerGirl adventures. This sports bra is a cutie coming in bright colors and all-purpose black, with a contrasting color inside that is made out of […]

rabbit Smarter Pants

March 6, 2019

Designed by runners for runners. The Smarter Pants from our friends at rabbit have proven to be an essential (or should we say smarter?!) addition to our active wardrobe. The founders of rabbit are two very impressive ladies that are lifelong runners so they know their stuff. They were looking for running apparel that met […]

Towel Tech

February 8, 2019

Heading to the gym? Then make sure to take Towel Tech! The ultimate fitness towel, it’s a medium weight, soft towel measuring 16 inches by 28 inches that is made out of an eco-friendly material which is very absorbent, quick drying, and antibacterial. One side is grey and the other is blue so it’s easy […]

Arena Lorella Team Short

September 21, 2018

Vintage with a twist. The Lorella Team Short from Arena’s vintage sportswear collection has that old school look but with a new moisture wicking, quick-dry material. It has a Goldilocks length – not too short and not too long – just right for running the trails, pedaling the hills, or just walking about town. There […]

OKIINO Black Staples Leggings

August 7, 2018

Just like we all should have a LBD (A.K.A. little black dress), everyone needs a pair of LBL (A.K.A. little black leggings)! Designed to take you from “sea to street to studio”, the Black Staples Leggings from our friends at OKIINO are true to their name and will soon be a staple in your wardrobe. Black […]

type:A Deodorant

July 11, 2018

This natural deodorant has you covered! Our friends at type:A have developed a special patent-pending formula in which every ingredient has a specific purpose. Starting with a base of glycerin, ingredients like zeolites, silver, triethyl citrate, zinc, baking soda, and arrowroot powder are released slowly, activated when you sweat, and they provide odor protection and absorbs moisture. And […]

2(X)IST Cutout Racerback Sports Bra

July 3, 2018

X marks the spot! And the Cutout Racerback Sports Bra from our friends at 2(X)IST sure hits that spot! This sports bra is comfortable – wide, non-slip straps that don’t cut into your shoulders, tagless to prevent irritation, no chafing spots, a soft, Spandex blend fabric, and wireless, lined cups that provide enough coverage and […]

Vapour Organic Beauty AER Next-Level Deodorant

June 7, 2018

A new kind of deodorant. With AER Next-Level Deodorant, our friends at Vapour Organic Beauty spent 5 years developing an innovative formula that magically turns a gel into a powder that helps keep you smelling fresh throughout the day. A special combination of organic, natural and Eco-Cert plant and mineral ingredients such as organic arrowroot, baking […]

Bindle Bottle

January 22, 2018

Hydration and organization…all in one bottle! It’s the Bindle Bottle, the world’s first insulated water bottle with secure storage. This is a dual-walled stainless steel, vacuum sealed bottle that holds 24 ounces of hot or cold liquid, meaning that you won’t have a sweaty bottle or one that leaks! But the unique thing about this […]

Senita Athletics Denali Leggings

October 24, 2017

All the bells and whistles but at a fraction of the cost! Our friends at Senita Athletics shared their Denali Leggings, and the whole TrailblazerGirl team is super impressed. Senita Athletics was founded almost 2 years ago by 2 smart, athletic sisters with the objective to design and produce quality activewear at an affordable price. Their online store […]

Q Energy

October 16, 2017

Drink healthy, the Q way! With Q Energy, you have an energy drink that is filled with only good stuff: antioxidants, 8 essential vitamins, electrolytes, herbal extracts for increased energy and resistance to stress and fatigue, natural sustained energy, anti-inflammatories, and it’s low in sugar (only 3.5g!). Plus there’s no artificial flavors or preservatives, no […]

SHAPE Activewear Destiny Legging

October 12, 2017

No matter your shape, you’ll look great in the Destiny Legging from our friends at SHAPE Activewear. Thanks to their signature S-shaped seam/insert along each outer leg of the Destiny, there’s a slimming effect, and who wouldn’t be happy with that! Plus the insert has a mesh overlay with contrast color underneath for style and to flatter […]


October 11, 2017

You gotta get it! The “it” is the itBandz, a special type of knee brace that is endorsed by physical therapists. We’ve all been there, running along happily, then boom, a funny (actually, more like not-so-funny) twist results in a shot of pain in the knee. Well, itBandz is a great solution to painful or […]

Shock Absorber Active Zipped Plunge

October 10, 2017

Don’t let them bounce! A few years back, we introduced you to Shock Absorber, a fantastic company that takes especially good care of your breasts with research and careful design of some of the best sports bras out there. Their Active Zipped Plunge sports bra is a great example of this. It provides high impact support combined […]

AlphaCor Capri Pants

September 14, 2017

Bring out your inner alpha with the AlphaCor Capri Pants! AlphaCor’s mission is to help you Be Relentless – be passionate about what you do and to never settle. With their Capri Pant, that will be easy to do, since they are well made with a wide waistband so you won’t have to fuss with […]

Tani GO Power Leggings

September 12, 2017

Last year, we told you about the luxuriously comfortable SilkCut Pajamas Set from our friends at Tani. Well, you need not stay in those pjs for that tempting all-day-comfort, because Tani also has a pair of GO Power Leggings that are just as comfortable (and more appropriate for outdoor activities than pjs!). They are oh-so-soft with a French Terry Knit […]

Sprigs Banjees Armband

July 25, 2017

Your pocket problem is solved! The Banjees Armband from the folks at Sprigs has you covered when you’re wearing your pocketless running kit. It’s summer, and there’s no need to wear a jacket so where do you carry your phone when you’re out for your morning or evening run? The Banjees Armband is made out of […]