Senita Athletics Denali Leggings

October 24, 2017

All the bells and whistles but at a fraction of the cost! Our friends at Senita Athletics shared their Denali Leggings, and the whole TrailblazerGirl team is super impressed. Senita Athletics was founded almost 2 years ago by 2 smart, athletic sisters with the objective to design and produce quality activewear at an affordable price. Their online store […]

Q Energy

October 16, 2017

Drink healthy, the Q way! With Q Energy, you have an energy drink that is filled with only good stuff: antioxidants, 8 essential vitamins, electrolytes, herbal extracts for increased energy and resistance to stress and fatigue, natural sustained energy, anti-inflammatories, and it’s low in sugar (only 3.5g!). Plus there’s no artificial flavors or preservatives, no […]

SHAPE Activewear Destiny Legging

October 12, 2017

No matter your shape, you’ll look great in the Destiny Legging from our friends at SHAPE Activewear. Thanks to their signature S-shaped seam/insert along each outer leg of the Destiny, there’s a slimming effect, and who wouldn’t be happy with that! Plus the insert has a mesh overlay with contrast color underneath for style and to flatter […]


October 11, 2017

You gotta get it! The “it” is the itBandz, a special type of knee brace that is endorsed by physical therapists. We’ve all been there, running along happily, then boom, a funny (actually, more like not-so-funny) twist results in a shot of pain in the knee. Well, itBandz is a great solution to painful or […]

Shock Absorber Active Zipped Plunge

October 10, 2017

Don’t let them bounce! A few years back, we introduced you to Shock Absorber, a fantastic company that takes especially good care of your breasts with research and careful design of some of the best sports bras out there. Their Active Zipped Plunge sports bra is a great example of this. It provides high impact support combined […]

AlphaCor Capri Pants

September 14, 2017

Bring out your inner alpha with the AlphaCor Capri Pants! AlphaCor’s mission is to help you Be Relentless – be passionate about what you do and to never settle. With their Capri Pant, that will be easy to do, since they are well made with a wide waistband so you won’t have to fuss with […]

Tani GO Power Leggings

September 12, 2017

Last year, we told you about the luxuriously comfortable SilkCut Pajamas Set from our friends at Tani. Well, you need not stay in those pjs for that tempting all-day-comfort, because Tani also has a pair of GO Power Leggings that are just as comfortable (and more appropriate for outdoor activities than pjs!). They are oh-so-soft with a French Terry Knit […]

Sprigs Banjees Armband

July 25, 2017

Your pocket problem is solved! The Banjees Armband from the folks at Sprigs has you covered when you’re wearing your pocketless running kit. It’s summer, and there’s no need to wear a jacket so where do you carry your phone when you’re out for your morning or evening run? The Banjees Armband is made out of […]

Lone Bold Deodorant

July 24, 2017

Finally a natural deodorant that works! Our friends at Lone have created, Bold, a new, creme deodorant that provides all day protection without any toxic ingredients. That’s right, no ingredients that will irritate your sensitive underarm area like baking soda, aluminum, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, or propylene glycol. Plus, this formulation doesn’t contain any wax, so […]

Thinksport Natural Deodorant and Sunscreen

June 29, 2017

Safe. Functional. Sustainable. These are the solid criteria that Thinksport applies to all of their products from their initial BPA-free baby bottle to their newest product, Thinksport Natural Deodorant. Available in 4 scents and an unscented version, this deodorant is free of biologically harmful chemicals and contains no parabens, phthalates, or aluminum. Additionally, it’s produced in the USA and […]

TREBLAB J1 Bluetooth Earbuds

June 27, 2017

Another great product from our friends at TREBLAB! You may recall the X11 True Wireless Earphones that we introduced you to last month, now TREBLAB has a new set of sport earbuds, the J1, currently only available at Amazon.com at the link above. Designed for your TrailblazerGirl active lifestyle, they are water resistant, sweat proof, […]

Jill Yoga Ladies Capri Leggings

June 2, 2017

You’ve got your LBD (little black dress). Now you need your LBC (little black capri)! And Jill Yoga has just what you need with their Ladies Capri Leggings. Known for offering matching mommy and me activewear that promotes confidence and healthy active living, this Canadian company produces quality clothing at an affordable price. These capri leggings […]

Sauce Outfitter Tank and Bow Beretto Cap

May 24, 2017

Add a little Sauce to your wardrobe! The weather is finally starting to heat up so it’s time to start thinking about sleeveless tops, and our friends at Sauce have just the right top for you! The Outfitter Tank has a racerback design, and what we call a Goldilocks length – not too short; not […]

ROKA Elite Run Sports Bra

May 10, 2017

You deserve the right kind of support! The Elite Run Sports Bra from our friends at ROKA is designed by athletes for athletes, consequently, you know that it will provide the support needed to do all your TrailblazerGirl activities.  One especially significant feature is the fact that you can choose from 2 cup sizes: A/B […]

361 Degrees Bio-Speed

May 1, 2017

They’ve done it again! Our friends at 361 Degrees (remember the Ortega from last year?) have designed another fantastic all-around shoe that you’ll be jumping up and down for. The Bio-Speed is a lightweight (only 6.5 oz!) workout staple with some excellent features. A somewhat sticky rubber outsole with multiple flex grooves is patterned for […]

Electric Yoga Wonder Woman Top

April 13, 2017

Unleash your own warrior princess with the Wonder Woman Top from our friends at Electric Yoga! As a Los Angeles-based design company, Electric Yoga strives to help you “harness your personal electricity and take charge of your life” with their edgy, fashionable fitness/lifestyle apparel. The Wonder Woman Top captures this goal with feminine lines that are slimming, flattering, […]

JUXU Sport Dolman Seamed Tee and Y Neck Bra

April 4, 2017

They’ve done it again! You may recall those great performance leggings and long sleeve top from JUXU Sport that we introduced you to earlier this year. Well, we want to share with you some other noteworthy items from this fantastic company. Pick up the Dolman Seamed Tee, and you are immediately struck by how silky soft it […]

Kill Cliff

March 28, 2017

As they say, kill the quit with Kill Cliff! The recovery drinks from our friends at Kill Cliff are a healthy, low calorie option following a tough workout. Get a little boost from the 25mg of caffeine and start to recover more quickly with the blend of electrolytes, vitamins, green tea extract, ginseng, and enzymes. […]

NRS H2Core Lightweight Zip-Neck Shirt

March 22, 2017

Designed with “ultimate utility” in mind. The H2Core Lightweight Zip-Neck Shirt is an outstanding example of how NRS is all about enhancing your experiences on the water. The H2Core series of clothing is described as the first and only layering system designed specifically for paddlers with friction free zones under the arms to ensure comfortable paddling and rowing […]

North Coast Organics Deodorants

March 9, 2017

Only natural, edible ingredients. That’s it. The folks at North Coast Organics use minimal, organic ingredients to make their small batch deodorants. Just as important as what’s in these deodorants is what’s not in there. You won’t find any dairy, soy, egg, parabens, BPA, aluminum, or sulfates, and they are vegan and cruelty-free. We tested the […]

Vuori Performance Jogger

February 28, 2017

Warning…they’re so comfortable you won’t want to do anything except lounge! The Performance Jogger from our friends at Vuori are designed out of a lightweight knit jersey material that is so soft and cozy. Don’t be fooled though, it’s also breathable, moisture wicking, and ready for you active TrailblazerGirls. A wide waistband with an adjustable tie […]


February 13, 2017

No time for a shower? No worries because we found Purequosa! These are cleansing sprays that TrailblazerGirls will find very useful when camping, hiking, cycling, running, traveling, and basically anytime you are out and about doing your TrailblazerGIrl thing. With organic ingredients, Purequosa will have you smelling and feeling refreshed. Here are the key ingredients: the […]

Svelte Wide Leg Leggings

February 10, 2017

You’ve got flair or maybe we should say flare! Either way, you’ve got it with the Wide Leg Leggings from our friends at Svelte! These shapewear leggings have a 4-way stretch spandex panel that flattens your tummy and keeps your waist in check. Don’t worry though, despite being able to hold all your bits and bobs […]

CW-X Stabilyx Tights Print

January 27, 2017

Better, faster, brighter! It’s the Limited Edition Print Stabilyx Tights from our friends at CW-X. First, they are better because they improve your performance with a patented CW-X Support Web that provides targeted support to your knees, lower legs, hips, and lower abs to give you extra stability and power during your workouts. Second, the variable compression maximizes your circulation […]