2016 Maris Farms Haunted Woods

October 5, 2016

Currently available: $25+  Visit their site to learn more

Now through October 31, 2016. This one’s for you thrill seekers! The Maris Farms Haunted Woods in Buckley, Washington, a little over an hour south of Seattle, is a “tour of terror” that includes a cast of creepy, scary characters that jump out at you. Trek through a half mile corn maze only to be faced with the haunted forest, complete with trees with moving limbs that reach out at you, a barrel-throwing maniac, a psycho, a drill-happy dentist and a scary, ground-crawling little girl. Then it’s back to the corn maze while trying to avoid the chainsaw-dueling grandparents. Yikes! Note: there is a warning that this is not for the under 10 crowd or those with heart conditions because of the extreme nature of this adventure. Get in the spirit of Halloween at the Maris Farms Haunted Woods…if you dare!