Stoney Brooks Farm Corn Maze

October 28, 2022

The world’s largest corn maze and pumpkin patch! It’s Stoney Brooks Farm Corn Maze with 110 acres of territory to cover and 32 miles of pathways in central Minnesota. This year’s theme is Halloween Villians: Freddie Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Pennywise, Michael Meyers, and the Chucky doll are all part of the maze. There are 4 […]

Exploration Acres

October 21, 2022

Through October 30, 2022. Northwest Indiana’s largest corn maze. It’s the Hoosier State’s Exploration Acres in Lafayette! Covering 23 acres with 10 miles of paths, and 4 mazes, this popular local farm also has loads of family-friendly activities like hayrides, pedal carts, a tractor train, rubber ducky races with an old-fashioned hand pump, and more. […]

Treworgy Family Orchards Corn Maze

October 23, 2020

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a corn maze, and here’s the longest continually running one in Maine. The Treworgy Family Orchards Corn Maze is a 4.5 acre maze featuring about 60,000 corn plants. It’s part of 42-acres of scenic Maine countryside, which includes pick-your-own apples (6 varieties are available), berries (raspberries are available now through […]

Long and Scott Farms

October 30, 2019

Why settle for just one maze when you can have six! At Long and Scott Farms, there are 2 corn mazes, a Tree Maze, a Rope Maze, a Labyrinth, and a Mist Maze. Just north of Orlando, Florida, this 1,200 acre farm that produces corn, pickling cucumbers, and cabbage, along with a variety of other produce […]

Sever’s Fall Festival and Corn Maze

October 28, 2019

Through November 3, 2019. What’s Halloween without a corn maze?! Head to Shakopee, just southeast of Minneapolis, for the oldest corn maze in the Midwest and second oldest in the United States. Sever’s Fall Festival and Corn Maze is a working farm that has been in operation since 1890 with a 14-acre maze created every year for […]

Coolspring Corn Maze

October 31, 2018

Now through November 4, 2018. Happy Halloween! Is your Spidey sense tingling? It should be because this year’s Coolspring Corn Maze theme is Heroes of the Corn! The 12-acre maze in Mercer, Pennsylvania was voted “Best in the Nation” by USA Today. This is a working farm with other activities like pumpkin picking, the Indoor Hay Maze, […]

Denver Downs Farm Harvest of Horrors

October 30, 2018

Now through October 31, 2018. If you’re looking for a big scare this Halloween, head to Denver Downs Farm Harvest of Horrors in Upstate South Carolina! It’s four haunted events that will have you quaking in your boots. Recommended for brave adults and children over 12, there’s Area 51 (a sort of laser tag with […]

The Amazing Maize Maze at Cherry Crest Farm

October 23, 2018

Now through November 3, 2018. An adventure farm about an hour’s drive from Philadelphia. The Amazing Maize Maze at Cherry Crest Farm has been delighting visitors for the past 22 years. This 5 acre corn maze, designed by a former Disney Broadway producer, covers over 2.5 miles of paths and scenic bridges. Based on the clues […]

Connors Farm Corn Maze

October 19, 2018

Now through October 31, 2018. All aboard! The theme of this year’s Corn Maze at Connors Farm is the “Crazy Train”. Head to this farm in Danvers, in the northeastern corner of Massachusetts, for a fun day making your way through the 7 acre corn maze. Once you’re done, enjoy their country kitchen and BBQ, […]

Great Vermont Corn Maze

October 4, 2018

Coming now through October 14, 2018. The largest maze in New England! It’s the Great Vermont Corn Maze in Danville, Vermont, just an hour and a half east of Burlington. The 24 acre BIG Maze is aptly named as it takes about 2+ hours to complete (they recommend arriving before 1pm to ensure that you […]

Cairnie Fruit Farm and Mega Maze

September 27, 2018

Now through October 31, 2018. How about a mega maze in bonnie Scotland? Visit the Cairnie Fruit Farm and Mega Maze in the scenic Fife countryside, a little over an hour’s drive north of Edinburgh. A labyrinth of pathways and blind alleys extend over 6 acres with the maize growing to a height of 9 feet. […]

Farmstead Corn Maze and Pumpkin Festival

October 19, 2017

Through October 28, 2017. Time to get your Pac-Man fever on! The theme of this year’s Farmstead Corn Maze and Pumpkin Festival in Meridian, Idaho is none other than that popular 1980s video game, Pac-Man, complete with 4 ghosts and power pellets. There are 2 phases to this 18 acre corn maze: the Field of Screams for […]

Green Acres Corn Maze

October 13, 2017

Through October 31, 2017. Happy birthday, Curious George! In celebration of this lovable, mischievous monkey, Green Acres Farms has designed a ten acre corn maze dedicated to the 75th anniversary of this little character. Located just outside of Casper, Wyoming, this farm has lots to offer besides the corn maze with a petting farm, pumpkin cart […]

Belfast Corn Maze

October 4, 2017

What’s Halloween without a corn maze?! Head to Eldon, for Prince Edward Island’s largest and most challenging corn maze. This year’s theme is celebrating Canada’s birthday with over 10 acres of twist and turns. Once you’ve finished the maze, check out the farmyard with family friendly activities like an obstacle course, giant board games, a train ride, […]

Cherry Point Farm and Market Lavender Labyrinth

July 18, 2017

A maze of a different kind! Actually, it’s technically not a maze, it’s a labyrinth, and more specifically it’s the Lavender Labyrinth at the Cherry Point Farm and Market in Shelby, Michigan, a mile from the Lake Michigan shoreline. This asymmetrical design is a continuous circuit from which you can’t get lost, and it’s in full bloom now through […]

The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park

October 28, 2016

Open now through Halloween. How about a walk through the park in San Diego? Sound relaxing? Well, think again, when it’s the Haunted Trail of Balboa Park! After dark, this iconic park turns into a scary, creepy, mile-long terror-fest filled with well-known horror characters like Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, The Ring Girl, The Exorcist, and […]

Halloween Shriek Week

October 17, 2016

Coming October 22- 31, 2016. More a-mazing maze fun awaits you in the countryside of England’s South Yorkshire! Halloween Shriek Week is coming to the Boston Park Farm in Doncaster, an 800 acre traditional working farm with an animal trail, tea room, and play areas for the kiddies. But the main draw at this time of year […]

World’s Largest Corn Maze 5K

October 14, 2016

Coming October 16, 2016. We told you about this year’s Richardson Farm Corn Maze, but did you know that they offer a 5K race as well? How fun is that! You won’t need to worry about getting lost in the maze, because the 3.1 mile route will be clearly marked and all non-course passages will be blocked. The […]

Zombie Fun Farm at the Calgary Corn Maze

October 13, 2016

Coming October 15, 2016. Zombies in a corn maze? Yikes! Yes, the bucolic sounding Calgary Corn Maze is offering a special, one night only event – the Zombie Fun Farm. Located in southern Alberta, those Canadians sure know how to put on a scare-fest! Make your way through the 13 acre corn maze filled with zombies, growling […]

2016 Maris Farms Haunted Woods

October 5, 2016

Now through October 31, 2016. This one’s for you thrill seekers! The Maris Farms Haunted Woods in Buckley, Washington, a little over an hour south of Seattle, is a “tour of terror” that includes a cast of creepy, scary characters that jump out at you. Trek through a half mile corn maze only to be […]

Richardson Farm Corn Maze

October 3, 2016

Through October 30, 2016. Live long and prosper! Can you guess it? This year’s theme for Richardson Farm Corn Maze is a celebration of 50 years of Star Trek! Laying claim to being the World’s Largest Corn Maze, there are 9.1 miles of trails over 33 acres of live corn. Choose from 5 separate maze […]

Fort Ticonderoga’s Heroic Maze

October 3, 2016

Through October 10, 2016. The most fun you’ll ever have reclaiming Fort Ticonderoga! This icon of American history now has a corn maze in the distinctive star shape of the’s Fort Ticonderoga’s Heroic Maze! Located on the shores of New York’s Lake Champlain, this six-acre corn maze will entertain you with it’s “Engineer a […]

Skylark Maize Maze and Funyard

October 30, 2015

Hurry, it’s the final days of the Week of Wickedness at the Skylark Maize Maze and Funyard! Located in Cambridgeshire, north of London, this family-friendly Halloween experience looks like a day of fun in the English countryside. Pumpkins, farm animals, tractor rides, pedal go-karts, and the highlight…the giant maize maze. What’s a maize maze? In […]

Cool Patch Pumpkins Corn Maze

October 20, 2015

Open now through November 1, 2015. Celebrate Halloween with a corn maze. A previous winner of the Guinness Book of World Records’ world’s largest corn maze, you know that the folks at Cool Patch Pumpkins will have the chops to create an amazingly fun and challenging maze. This year’s maze design is in honor of […]