The Great Pumpkin Haul

September 27, 2016

Currently available: $45  Visit their site to learn more

Coming October 22, 2016. Only 2 miles…but add a bit of a challenge by carrying a big pumpkin! The Great Pumpkin Haul takes you through 2 miles of forests and open fields at the Chatfield Botanic GardensĀ in Littleton, Colorado. Before the race, pick out a pumpkin weighing 10-40 pounds (yes, 40 pounds, so arrive early for the best pick!), then prepare for the race by participating in the Pre-Haul Boot Camp. The race includes obstacles like hay bales, spider webs, small creeks, and of course, carrying your pumpkin “baby” without dropping it for the whole 2 miles! After the Haul, celebrate with hot apple cider or pumpkin beer, food trucks, hay rides, and even a corn maze.