Nepal: Hiking the Everest Region by Call of the Wild

July 2, 2012

Currently available: $2,475  Visit their site to learn more

Coming November 9-19, 2012. Honestly, not everyone wants to climb Mt. Everest. A lot of TrailblazerGirls are happy just to see it, and that’s perfectly fine. The upcoming 11-day Nepal: Hiking the Everest Region getaway by Call of the Wild, who specialize in adventure travel for women, will give hikers amazing vistas of THE mountain, as well as the other high peaks nearby, plus you’ll also get to visit the surrounding Sherpa communities. On this getaway, your gear will be carried by yaks and porters as you trek towards the famous Thyangboche Monastery, and you’ll stay at inns and lodges along the way. We’ve got to figure that you might just happen on Xanadu on this trip. Or, maybe this getaway is best described as a photo-safari at the top of the world.