Cuba: Music, Cuisine & the Arts with AdventureWomen

August 24, 2015

Currently available: $6,595  Visit their site to learn more

Coming May 5, and October 13, 2015. See it before the tourists arrive! Join AdventureWomen for their 10-day Cuba: Music, Cuisine and the Arts trip. With an emphasis on interacting with the local people and learning about the culture of Cuba, highlights include a tour of La Habana Vieja, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a visit to the Cuban National Zoo, a stop at the island of Cayo Encenachos to explore Cayo Santa Maria National Park, a walk through Cienaga de Zapata Natural and Wildlife Reserve, cooking a traditional Cuban meal at a local culinary school, and a journey to historic Trinidad and the Bay of Pigs. This is the optimal time to visit Cuba to get a taste of the traditions and culture that have been closed to most Americans until now.