Walking Women Low Intermediate Hadrian’s Wall 2

July 7, 2015

Currently available: £460  Visit their site to learn more

Coming August 5, 2015. Hike the edge of the Roman Empire! It’s the Low Intermediate Hadrian’s Wall 2 tour with Walking Women. Hadrian’s Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was originally built by the Romans in AD 122 to protect Britannia from invasion. On this 5 day/4 night holiday, you’ll be based out of Haltwhistle, a traditional market town in Northumberland and tour the countryside with milecastles (small forts), turrets, Robin Hood’s tree, and ancient Roman forts, all while exploring interesting sections of the Wall. This is a low intermediate level walk with up to 8 miles of walking a day and a maximum ascent of 1,500 ft. Experience Europe’s largest surviving Roman monument with Walking Women.