Zombie Evasion, Canada

September 9, 2014

Currently available: $45+  Visit their site to learn more

Various dates and locations. Be prepared for the zombie apocalypse! Sign up for one of the Zombie Evasion events in Canada for a ghoulishly fun time in October. These are 5K chip-timed individual and team races. You’ll have 1-4 flags that serve as your “lives” that the zombies are trying to capture as you run through a 5K route along uneven surfaces including pavement, grass, dirt and gravel. There will be 2 types of zombies along the way – ones that chase you and “hordes” that are “typical brainless, bloodthirsty zombies that don’t move far”. The goal is to run as fast as you can and have at least 1 flag (“life”) remaining when you cross the finish line. Sounds like fun!?